Peugeot e-208

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Looking set to upstage its French compatriot, the Renault Zoe, Peugeot’s electric supermini has a 211-mile range and is the first ever fully electric car from the French marque.

A 50kW battery delivers good performance at 132bhp, making it the most powerful model in the 208 range, with three available drive modes. These are eco for optimised range, normal and sport mode for enhanced performance. The My Peugeot app will allow drivers to charge from a distance, preset climate controls and access a network of charging points across Europe.
Performance isn't in the high-performance EV category but acceleration of 0-100km in 8.1 seconds gives this city car plenty of power for driving around town. And with a vehicle fuel equivalent of just 1.8l per 100km, the e-208 is certainly thrifty.
Stylistically, the e-208 is pretty much a standard design for Peugeot and fits neatly into the rest of the more conventional range. While it won’t compete on performance with e-supercars such as the Jaguar i-Pace and the Tesla Model S, it fits neatly into the market alongside the Renault Zoe, the Nissan Leaf and the Hyundai Kona EV.

Peugeot e-208 Specifications

  • Price Range: From £25,050

  • Engine Size: 132bhp with 50kW battery

  • Size (L, W, H): 4055mmx1745mmx1430mm

  • Insurance Range: 11-15

  • Road tax Range: N/A

Peugeot e-208 Tyre Options

There are a varying range of tyres for Peugeot e-208. The most popular sizes used regularly are:

  • 195/50 R16

  • 205/45 R17

  • 195/55R16

  • 205/45R17

The best way to check which tyre will fit your Peugeot e-208 is to check what tyres are already fitted. You can do this by checking the size on the sidewall of your existing tyres.

New Tyres for your Peugeout e-208

There are three important considerations to bear in mind when selecting tyres for your Peugeot e-208 or any other EV:

  • Safety

  • Performance

  • Rolling resistance.

Most EVs are heavier than conventional combustion-engined cars because of the battery pack that powers your vehicle. That can have an impact on stopping distances, particularly in rain and icy conditions. Make sure that you choose a tyre that offers exceptional grip and aquaplaning resistance for best performance in challenging weather conditions.

When it comes to choosing new tyres for your Peugeot 208 rest assured we have a host of options available to you from a number of premium manufacturers for you to make your selection from, brands such as Michelin, Pirelli, Continental and Goodyear.

Browse our tyres for your Peugeot e-208 now. Protyre also provides quality servicing and MOTs for your Peugeot.

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