About Nissan 350z

First launched in 2003, the Nissan 350z represented the fifth generation of Z-cars released by Nissan. Originally, the company produced a coupe model, but by 2004 this had been joined by a roadster, which came in both Enthusiast and Touring versions. The coupe was available as Base, Performance, Enthusiast, Track and Touring versions. Nissan continued to produce the 350z until 2009, when it was superseded by the 370z.

Nissan 350z Specifications

  • Price Range: £23,195 - £31,345
  • Engine Range: 3.5 Litre
  • Size (L, W, H): Variable
  • Insurance Range: 14 - 19
  • Road tax Range: D - E

Nissan 350z Tyre Options

The size of tyres needed for your Nissan 350z will depend on the model, its year of manufacture and the type of road surfaces that you tend to do the majority of your driving on. For example, if you drive a Nissan 350z coupe with a 3.5 V6 engine, your recommended tyres would be 225/50 R17 for your front tyres and 235/50 R17 for your rear tyres. Alternatively, you could opt for 245/40 R19 as your front tyres and 275/35 R19 for your rear tyres. The most popular sizes used regularly are:

  • 225/50 R17
  • 235/50 R17
  • 245/40 R19
  • 275/35 R19

The best way to check which tyre will fit your Nissan 350z is to check what tyres are already fitted. You can do this by checking the size on the sidewall of your existing tyres.

New Tyres for your Nissan 350z

When it comes to choosing new tyres for your Nissan X-Trail rest assured we have a host of options available to you from a number of premium manufacturers for you to make your selection from including, Pirelli, Michelin, Continental and Goodyear

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