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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is a multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. In 2011, Mitsubishi Motors was the sixth biggest Japanese automaker and the sixteenth biggest worldwide by production. It is part of Mitsubishikeiretsu, formerly the biggest industrial group in Japan, and was formed in 1970 from the automotive division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Popular models produced by Mitsubishi include Mirage, ASX, Outlander, L200 and Shogun. 

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You'll find suitable tyres for all the most popular Mitsubishi models from the Mitsubishi Colt to the newer Mitsubishi ASX. We only work with the best brands and manufacturers, ensuring that all the tyres we stock are of the highest quality. You'll find some of the world's best-known tyre brands on our site including Michelin, Falken, Bridgestone and Pirelli. Our years of experience tell us that our Mitsubishi customers demand the best tyres from the leading manufacturers so we ensure that we always stock a wide range of the industry's best-selling lines.

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If you require any further assistance or have any queries with regard to tyres for your Mitsubishi, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our team of tyre professionals will be happy to help.

Mitsubishi ASX

The Mitsubishi ASX is the crossover model Mitsubishi The Mitsubishi ASX has a spacious, solid cabin, diesel engine. 

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Mitsubishi Mirage

The Mitsubishi Mirage is a car designed to be equally at home in congested city streets or narrow country lanes, excellent fuel economy. 

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Mitsubishi Colt

The most recent version of the Mitsubishi Colt is a subcompact model manufactured between 2002 and 2012.

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Mitsubishi L200

The Mitsubishi L200 is a name given to a series of utility vehicles produced by Mitsubishi. It was originally known as the Mitsubishi Forte.

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Mitsubishi Outlander

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a mid-size crossover manufactured by Japanese automotive manufacturer Mitsubishi. 

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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is a mid-size SUV produced by the Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors since 1996 that has spanned over three generations.

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Mitsubishi Shogun

The Mitsubishi Shogun is a sport utility vehicle manufactured by Mitsubishi. It was named after Leopardus pajeros, the Pampas cat.

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Mitsubishi Triton

The Mitsubishi Triton is a compact pickup truck produced by Mitsubishi.

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