About Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe is an SUV which has been produced since 2000. It has been Hyundai’s most popular model and it has helped the car maker become more popular in the US. The third generation Santa Fe became available in 2012. This SUV has five doors and front wheel drive, or four wheel drive.

Hyundai Santa Fe Specifications

  • Price Range: From £32,000
  • Engine Range: 1.8 - 3.5 Litre
  • Size (L, W, H): 2620, 1820-1845, 1673-1730
  • Insurance Range: 18-31
  • Road tax range: variable

Hyundai Santa Fe Tyre Options

As there are different generations of the Hyundai Santa Fe, there are different options of tyres available, by manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Pirelli, Sumitomo and Falken. Some of the most popular sizes which are often fitted include:

The best and simplest way to check which tyres will suit your Hyundai Santa Fe is to look at what tyres are already fitted to the vehicle. It is possible to do a check on this yourself by looking at the size marked on the sidewall of the tyres you already have.

New tyres for your Hyundai Santa Fe

If you are asking yourself ‘do I need new tyres for my Hyundai Santa Fe?’, you can rest easy knowing we have a wide range of tyres to suit your vehicle, including models by major manufacturers such as Pirelli, Falken, Bridgestone and Sumitomo. Our friendly team of expert mechanics can give you all the help and guidance you might require to make the best choice for your vehicle.
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