About Dacia

Dacia is a Romanian car brand that takes its name from the region of the same name in Romania. It was created in 1966 and was bought by Renault as a subsidiary in 1999. Today, it is a well-known car manufacturing brand in the UK and across the world, retailing in more than 44 countries.

So what exactly does Dacia stand for? The company operates according to a series of guiding principles. Firstly, it makes cars that are simple and designed to get owners from A to B, with designs that aren't over-complicated, so that there are fewer things that can go wrong.

Dacia Logan

There are two main types of Dacia Duster, a two-wheel drive, and a 4x4, and of course, there is also a range of engine sizes, up to a 1.6, with different production models linked to different years.

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Dacia Sandero

Designated a super mini, the Dacia Sandero has featured in the What Car? Car of the Year Awards for six years in a row in the Best Small Car Less than £12,000 category.

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