About Aston Martin Rapide E

The Rapide E is the first all-electric Aston Martin, but also probably the last Aston Martin Rapide. The new model is similar to the latest Aston Martin Rapide AMR both in appearance and performance. Both cars are regarded as the pinnacle of this model's development. The dual motors of the Rapide E can generate 950Nm of torque which we’re pretty sure makes it the most powerful Rapide ever.
To achieve this in an all-electric model, Aston Martin Lagonda collaborated with Williams Advanced Engineering of Oxfordshire, experts in both vehicle batteries and aerodynamics. Its lithium-ion cells are contained in a carbon fibre and kevlar casing, store 65kWh and generate 800 volts of power. By funnelling much of the airstream beneath the car there is a certain amount of lift at high speeds that helps to reduce power expenditure and extend the range between recharges.
In next year’s James Bond movie, “No Time To Die”, Daniel Craig will be driving an Aston Martin Rapide E. We hope he drives more carefully than in some of his previous outings.

Aston Martin Rapide E Specifications

  • Top speed: 155 mph
  • Acceleration: 0-60 in under four seconds. 50-70 in just one and a half seconds.
  • Re-charging capability: equivalent to 310 miles range per charging hour (assuming an 800 volt and 100kW outlet).
  • Effective range per charge: 200 miles (established by WLTP test procedures).
  • Total motor power: 602bhp and 700 pound-feet torque.
  • Transmission: 6-speed automatic

Aston Martin Rapide E Tyre Options

The most popular sizes for the Aston martin DBX are:

  • TBA

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