Why Buy Your Car Tyres Online?

By Julia Freeman

Many car owners don't realise that they can buy car tyres online, without needing to first take their car into the garage for a check and assessment. With Protyre’s easy-to-use tyre guide, you could have your tyres ordered and booked in within minutes.

There are various benefits to ordering yours online. For example:

  • When you buy car tyres online, you can save time and order what you need in a few simple clicks

  • When you buy online at a trusted website such as Protyre, you have the peace of mind that you are buying 100% authentic tyres from brands such as Pirelli, Falken, Sumitomo or Bridgestone

Find your tyre size

Before you buy your tyres online, you'll need to check to see what tyre size or sizes are already fitted on your car. You'll see size information stamped on the outside of the tyre, printed in raised lettering. We have put together a handy guide on understanding what these letters mean here to help you with your online order.

Tyre labels

Look at tyre labels too for new tyre sales. You'll find details of these on our website. The tyre label scheme is simple to understand and it will help you to buy a tyre with the right grip, safe handling and noise levels for the best possible driving experience.
To find the right tyre, simply search online and enter your details. Our advanced tyre finder allows you to simply enter your car's registration number and will present you with a range of options suitable for your vehicle. You will see a full range of available options from the biggest brands in the business, and you can buy instantly online and then make an appointment to have your tyres fitted at your convenience.
Options include performance and modern eco tyres for a lower-carbon alternative and a more sustainable driving choice. You will find big brand tyres to suit all budgets too.

Taking care of your tyres

Remember to check your tyre pressure regularly, especially before a long journey and do a regular visual inspection too. Your annual service will also include a tyre safety check to ensure that your tread is within legal guidelines and recommendations will be made about when you should replace your tyres. Always stay within legal guidelines as the minimum but bear in mind that you may wish to replace your tyres sooner for safety and comfort reasons. Our experts recommend a minimum tread of 3mm. It is also sensible to carry a spare in case you experience a flat tyre away from home.

Buy Tyres

Any queries?

Our tyre professionals are here to help with any queries that you might have. If you need new tyres and aren't sure what to pick, or if you want your car to have a free check, simply make an appointment with your nearest Protyre garage today. Our friendly and helpful team are here to assist you and to ensure you get the most from your car.

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