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By Julia Freeman

Tyres are one of the most important parts of your car. Those simple rings of rubber keep your vehicle connected with the road. Buying car tyres is a big decision and requires owners to know how to choose the right tyres and the best place to find them near you. After all, improper tyres can be illegal and get you in serious trouble.

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Before you buy new tyres, you’ll need to work out a few things. Research the leading brands of tyres (Bridgestone, Pirelli, and Falken are a good place to start) and what their different properties are. Once you’ve got a rough idea as to what you want, you’ll need to know the specifics of your car. Look at your old tyres and find out the size and speed rating. The incorrect tyre will not fit and could invalidate your car insurance. These will be printed on the outside edge of the tyre in raised lettering.

Research tyres suitable for you

You can also find information on the specifics on your tyres in your owner's manual and what to look for when buying new. In researching tyres, you will find information on the fuel efficiency of each model. This is determined by the rolling resistance of the tyre so you can get a rough idea as to the effect on fuel economy on a sliding scale (A for best efficiency and G for poorest). The label will tell you the wet grip, which measures the short braking distances in damp conditions, and the level of noise given out by the tyres.

Tyre law

Whether you’re buying new or used tyres (although we NEVER advise buying used or part-worn tyres because their history and internal condition is unknown), the current legal minimum depth for tyre treads is 1.6mm. However, it’s advised that you should change your tyres when they reach a depth of about 3mm. You can test them simply with a 20p piece. If you can see the bottom outer rim of the coin from side-on when testing the shallowest part of the tyre, it’s definitely time to change your tyres.

Choosing a garage

Once you’ve been through your initial research, you can start hunting down your tyres. You might think ‘where can I buy car tyres near me?’ Searching for your nearest garage or tyre fitting service can be rather hit and miss. There is no guarantee of quality or that they’ll stock the correct tyres for your car. You can search for seemingly new tyres on online auction sites, but how can you know they’re road legal and the right specification for your car? And who is going to fit them? It’s far safer to find a reputable garage that’s in a convenient location and staffed with qualified fitters with years of professional experience.
At Protyre, we’re here to take you through the entire process. From helping you locate the perfect tyres for your vehicle and driving style, to checking your tyres regularly and keeping them road safe and legal. We pride ourselves on the quality of our advice and the skill of our staff.

We Can Help You Choose The Right Tyre

Tyres are essential for keeping your car safe and performing at its best, but with so many options out there, it can be tough to know where to start. That's where our informative articles come in – we're here to help you navigate the world of tyres and make the best choice for your specific needs.

Whether you're considering upgrading to Premium car tyres for enhanced driving dynamics, run flat car tyres for added peace of mind, or trying to decide between summer car tyres and winter car tyres, Protyre can help. Our articles have got you covered with a wide range of tyre-related topics to help you make informed decisions.

The brand you choose matters too. We offer recommendations for trusted names such as BF Goodrich tyres, Bridgestone tyres, Continental tyres, Dunlop tyres, Falken tyres, General tyres, Goodyear tyres, GT Radial tyres , Hankook tyres, Michelin tyres, Pirelli tyres, Runway tyres, Sumitomo tyres, and Toyo tyres. But our articles don't just focus on choosing the right tyres – we also offer practical advice for maintaining them. From simple tips like checking your tread depth and keeping your tyres inflated to the proper pressure, to more advanced topics like extending tyre life through regular rotation and balancing - we've got you covered!
Dive in and discover everything you need to know to keep your car running smoothly and safely with Protyre.

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Our garages stock a variety of tyres, from high-end to budget range, and with same day fitting is available on many brands and models, our easy-to-use tyre guide can help you find the right tyres in seconds. Alternatively, why not book in today at one of our local garages for a free tyre check and advice.  With over one hundred and fifty different locations nationwide, we’re never too far away and we're here to help you drive safely.

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