What tyres does Audi recommend?

By Mariana Saenzpardo

Occasionally, car manufacturers work with tyre manufacturers to ensure that both dovetail together for maximum performance.

However, more commonly they do a deal with the tyre supplier to promote their brand in return for a better wholesale price. It’s a known statistic that most car owners match their replacement tyres to those already fitted; a great deal for the “OEM” tyre supplier.

For Audi only

An “AO” stamp on a tyre sidewall is often interpreted as meaning “for Audi Only”. There are similar stamps for other car brands. “Audi only tyres” would be a much stronger statement than just “Audi recommended tyres". You can assume these tyres are good enough to win the endorsement of the car manufacturer but that is all you can assume.
If an “AO” tyre is the best tyre for an Audi, then which one do you choose? Tyres ideal for a light front-wheel-drive sports car such as the TT are unlikely to also be ideal for a heavy-laden SUV such as the Q9. Years of experience tell us that you should match your tyres to the type of vehicle, the weather conditions where you live and your own driving style.

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Having said that, it probably won’t surprise you that factory gate and AO tyres vary from year to year and from one brand to another. All the major (and some of the minor) tyre brands have worked with Audi. Many deserve the endorsement, but it should not limit your choice.
Audi recommended tyres in recent years have included many offerings from Michelin (Primacy 4, Pilot Sport 4, Pilot Alpin 5), Goodyear (F1 Asymmetric 3, EfficientGrip Performance) and winter tyres from Continental (the WinterContact) or Dunlop (the Winter Sport 3D and 4D). All of these are great tyres in their own right; for example, Michelin are known for their durability and Continental for their handling, but your needs are specific to you.

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By no means ignore the offerings from Bridgestone. The Bridgestone Potenza S001 was the original tyre on many Audi A1, S3 and RS5 models and has superb grip in both wet and dry conditions. The Bridgestone Turanza T005 is an excellent premium tyre on almost any car. We believe Audi fitted them on some A3 models (at least) and fitted the Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport on some Q3 crossovers. The Bridgestone Blizzak LM 30 is a good winter option, available for some Audi models.
Likewise with Pirelli: the Pirelli P Zero and its variants (such as the Nero and Corsa) are versatile tyres available for most Audi models and rim sizes. They are common on almost every Audi from A1 to R8. Almost as popular is the Pirelli Cinturato range (including the P7, P1 Verde and Winter versions) and the Pirelli Sottozero range, (including the Sottozero 3 and the Winter Sottozero).
Why not use Protyre’s online search function to get recommendations for your particular Audi model, or book a free tyre check at your local Protyre garage for some expert advice.

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