What should I look for when buying car tyres?

By Julia Freeman

To choose new car tyres wisely there are several things you should bear in mind. Our tyre professionals have put this quick guide together to help you make the right choice.

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Buying new is best

Firstly, never buy second-hand tyres or re-treads: they are neither safe nor good value in the long run. Protyre provide a full choice range that includes high performance brands like Bridgestone and Pirelli, and economical options from Falken and Sumitomo. You can buy tyres online or from any of our garages.
Start by checking the tyre size your vehicle requires. Ideally consult your vehicle handbook to find this but also check the tyres currently on your car to confirm the handbook’s recommendation. As well as the dimensions, you need to know the speed and load ratings.

You can also enter your registration number into our online tyre search app to see our full selection of tyres suitable for your vehicle. Simply click the button below, and away you go.

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Purchase in pairs

Tyres should usually be fitted in opposing pairs to keep your vehicle properly balanced. When there is a significant difference in tread or design between each side, your handling can be affected. Badly mismatched tyres can also be dangerous. Years of experience tell us that it also tends to accelerate their wear and sometimes makes the wear patterns uneven – leading to earlier replacement. If you have any questions about tyre matching let our tyre professionals advise.

Consider how you will be using your car

It is also important to consider how you will be using your car. You will need different more rugged tyres if you expect to do some off-road driving or winter tyres if you need to keep motoring through icy conditions. Cars that are naturally heavy need XL tyres but so too do heavily-laden vehicles and those that tow. 4x4 tyres are also usually XL or special tyres recommended by their maker.
Some premium tyres (including many Continental and Pirelli brands) are intended to provide fantastic handling for high performance vehicles but do little for an ordinary car and can wear faster. Others (including many Michelin and Bridgestone brands) provide superb durability on any car. If in any doubt our tyre professionals are always happy to help.

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Pocket-friendly prices

Falken, Avon and Sumitomo make both premium and excellent budget tyres. Budget tyres are perfectly good choices for mid to budget vehicles. Less well-known budget brands can be a false economy: they wear faster, handle less well or could be more prone to damage. Our tyre professionals recommend spending a little more in order to get the best long-term value.

Date of manufacture

Finally, always check the manufacture date when you buy a tyre. An identifying code is printed on the sidewall. Protyre never sell perished tyres but if you are unwise enough to go elsewhere you could be sold a tyre from the back of the shelf. Tyre rubber deteriorates with age so “special offers” aren’t always as special as they sound.

Book with Protyre

If you have any uncertainties about your tyre condition book a free tyre check online with Protyre’s qualified fitters and technicians – we’ll have you back on the road with the right tyres in no time. At Protyre, we offer a range of tyres to suit every vehicle and every budget, with same day fitting appointments available in many instances.

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