What car tyres last longest?

By Julia Freeman

Longevity is one of the key factors for most people when it comes to deciding which tyres to buy for their particular vehicle. You don't want to spend a lot of money on tyres that will last mere months and cover minimal miles.mands of modern motoring.

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What types of tyres are available?

As a rule, there are three main categories of tyre: premium, budget, and mid-range. These are based primarily on price but also on quality.
Premium tyres are those from manufacturers such as Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear, Continental, and Bridgestone. These companies invest millions of pounds in testing and production to ensure that their tyres are of premium quality and offer great performance, economy, and durability. These are probably the best choice for long-distance drivers, track drivers, and off-road drivers. Premium tyres are safer, wear more slowly, and are more efficient and quieter than budget or mid-range tyres.
Budget tyres are those intended for people with less to spend. They are also predominantly for motorists who only drive occasionally, in a city environment and in a sensible way. They will still conform to basic quality and safety requirements, but the manufacturers will have less available to spend on testing and quality control. Manufacturers of budget tyres include (but are not limited to): Autogrip, Runway and Budget. 
Mid-range tyres, as the name suggests, are sold as a happy medium between premium and budget. They aim to offer the longevity and quality of premium tyres but without such a hefty price tag. They are a good option for drivers covering moderate mileages and who drive mostly on main roads and motorways. Some of the manufacturers who make mid-range tyres include Falken and GT Radial. 

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How long do tyres last?

This depends upon make/model, amount of use, type of use, and several other factors. As a general guide:

  • Most tyres won’t last more than 10 years

  • Front tyres should be changed after 20,000 miles

  • Rear tyres can last up to 40,000 miles

There can be a significant difference (as much as 50%) in the number of miles that you can get from a premium tyre compared with a budget model.

What factors should I look at outside of durability?

Other than durability, the major factors that should be considered when looking to buy new tyres are performance, safety, economy, and appearance/style.
Performance – this is somewhat dependent upon the amount of driving you will be doing and on what surfaces. Some tyres will be mainly for summer use, some will be for use in wintry conditions, whilst many will be designed for ‘all-season’ use.
Safety – all tyres have to meet minimum safety standards, but premium brands will be tested more rigorously and will meet enhanced standards.
Economy – different types of tyre can impact on fuel consumption.
Style/appearance – this may be a minor consideration for some.
In the case of tyres, price is directly related to quality, so the overall advice is to buy the highest quality tyres that you can afford.

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