What are the best van tyres?

By Julia Freeman

When it comes to buying new tyres for your van, you have two main options: either stick with the same make/model that you are currently using or opt for something different that may perhaps better meet your specific needs.

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Replace like-for-like

This is perhaps the easiest, least-hassle option. All you need to do is establish what tyres (make/model/size etc.) are currently on your van. You can do this visually; the manufacturer name will be clearly visible as will the model name/number.
To establish the tyre size and information such as load index/construction type, you need to pay attention to the code on the tyre that will look something like: 205/55/16 91W
This code gives a great deal of information.

  • The first number is the width of the tyre (in mm)

  • The second number is the aspect ratio - the height divided by the width

  • The third number is the wheel diameter in inches.

  • The next number represents the load index - the higher the number, the greater the load it can carry.

  • The letter after this represents the speed rating. Each letter represents a different speed. In this example, W = 168 mph or 270 km/h

Make a change

If you want to change your tyres for reasons of performance, safety, economy, or style then some of the most highly rated and well-received van tyres are listed below:
Continental ContiVanContact 200 – this premium tyre offers shorter braking distances in wet conditions thanks to grooves and sipes that quickly clear water away. The compound on these tyres reduces rolling resistance and thus increases fuel efficiency. For more information on this tyre, click here.
Falken Linam Van01 – this summer tyre gives a reliable and efficient drive. The unique tread compound gives shorter braking distances, rolling resistance is lower thanks to 4D technology, and longevity is boosted by reinforced sidewalls and even distribution of pressure. Click here for more details.
Goodyear EfficientGrip Cargo – this is a longer-lasting, fuel-efficient summer tyre which gives shorter braking distances especially in the wet. Reduced fuel consumption is thanks to the Goodyear Fuel Saving technology, and braking distances are shorter thanks to improved tread design and structure. Further information on this tyre can be found here.
Pirelli Carrier – this premium summer tyre is designed to offer improved safety (thanks to new compound and tread design and wide grooves), and increased longevity (through optimised tread and silica compound). Additionally, reduced fuel consumption is delivered thanks to lower rolling resistance. Detail and information on the Pirelli Carrier can be found here.
The main difference between van and car tyres are that van tyres have either been specifically made for vans or reinforced to cope with more weight and harsher conditions. This is achieved by strengthening the sidewalls. Van tyres also tend to be larger than car tyres.

Book with Protyre

You can buy van tyres online and book an appointment for them to be fitted at your local Protyre garage. We also offer MOTs, services, and a number of free safety checks. You can find your nearest Protyre garage by using the ‘Find My Protyre’ button below. All Protyre garages are staffed by qualified fitters and our tyre professionals are always on hand should you need advice.

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