What are the best tyres for the Ducati Scrambler?

By Julia Freeman

A popular part of the Ducati range, the Scrambler name originated in the early 1960s and was used until 1974. This range was rebooted in 2015, with modern technology rubbing shoulders with the classic Scrambler stylings, overturning the 40-year gap in production. The new range contains bikes suited to track days and off-roading, as well as those more suitable to everyday urban riding. No matter what sort of biker you are, it seems Ducati have produced a Scrambler for you.

Ducati Scrambler

Many tyres are suitable for the range of Scrambler bikes and each individual tyre design has been produced for a specific purpose. As such, each tyre will provide different steering, handling, braking and grip. With this in mind, there is no one 'best' tyre for the Ducati Scrambler, but a range of options which will suit you more than other Scrambler riders depending on the sort of riding you do.

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Tyre size

The Ducati Scrambler Icon tyre size is 110/80 R18 for the front tyre, the Ducati Scrambler rear tyre size is 180/55 R17.

From this basic sizing, you can then select the sort of tyre which will best suit your needs as a rider.
For example, the Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact is a fantastic road tyre, designed for safe and efficient riding over long distances. This is down to the new design of the tyre, with its profile based on the Greek letter 'pi', providing great grip and an optimised footprint at all times.


For tourers, you can't go wrong with the Pirelli Angel GT, which has been designed to eat up the miles on long road trips, especially those with a passenger and panniers adding extra weight to the bike. The Angel GT's design gives bags of safety in the wet, while also providing unparalleled stability and fuel efficiency. The Angel GT has developed from the Angel ST, the much-lauded sport touring range from Pirelli, making the Angel GT a grand tourer tyre with a sporting pedigree.

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For those after a sportier ride on their Scrambler, the Bridgestone Battlax BT 016 Pro is a tyre built to bring MotoGP technology to the roads. This tyre allows the full performance of your Scrambler to be unleashed safely during track days. The Battlax provides new standards for grip, stability and precision performance.


The Ducati Desert Sled Scrambler comes with the Scorpion Rally STR tyres from Pirelli fitted as standard and you may wish to stick with these on your Scrambler if you want a more off-road experience. These knobbly tyres provide great grip on loose surfaces, allowing you to enjoy the off-road experience safely. STRs are also designed for safe and efficient riding on the roads, so you can get to the soft stuff as well as riding on it.

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For more advice and information about how to get the best tyres for your Ducati Scrambler, why not get in touch with your local Protyre garage? Our tyre professionals can guide you to the best tyres for your needs while also staying within your budget.

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