What are the best tyres for the BMW R1200GS?

By Julia Freeman

The R1200GS is one of the most popular BMW motorbikes and boasts a 1,170 cc, two-cylinder boxer engine (with 4-valves per cylinder). Designed for long distance travel, it's built to cope with both road use and rougher terrain with strength and stability in mind.


Big bikes need rugged good quality tyres and frequent replacement adds to the real cost of the bike, so taking some time to choose your tyres carefully is well worth the effort. Here are some popular choices for the BMW R1200GS.

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Michelin Anakee Adventure

The Anakee Adventure was released in 2019 partly to replace the already popular Michelin Anakee 3. It has superb grip thanks to a high silica, dual compound rubber formulation. As the name also suggests, the Adventure looks more of an off-roader than the Anakee 3 and makes adventure bikes look great. It also gives great performance and is the chosen OE for the new BMW R1250GS.

Michelin Anakee Wild

The Wild is one of the knobbliest Michelins you will find and has an even greater off-road bias. Consequently, it can’t really be recommended for regular road touring but is great for fun riding. It is mud and snow rated and available both tubed and tubeless.

Dunlop Sportsmart TT

The Sportsmart TT is probably the closest thing to a slick that fits on the GS. These tyres utilise Dunlop’s NTEC technology which means the pressure can be dropped considerably on track resulting in a chunky footprint and superb grip. These tyres warm up incredibly quickly.

Metzeler M9RR

The M9RR replaced the popular M7RR and is an excellent choice for a sports tyre. The high silica compound provides a rapid warmup in wet and cold conditions and despite being a sporty tyre it copes really well in the wet.

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Bridgestone T31

The Bridgestone T31 touring tyre offers great mileage, superb performance in wet weather, and incredible handling. The innovative compound and pattern design provide a safe feeling and give riders confidence in all conditions, and the larger contact patch and high camber thrust vastly improve dry handling too.

Avon Spirit ST

The Spirit ST is a Sports Touring tyre that offers high-performance in all conditions. They have a high silica content and the tread pattern disperses water rapidly to cope with the UK’s unpredictable climate.

Pirelli Angel GT2

The Pirelli Angel GT2 has a dual compound rear and soft shoulders that give increased grip, while the central compound is hard enough to ensure maximum mileage. The tread pattern provides sound wet-weather grip.

Continental RoadAttack 3

The RoadAttack 3 is Continental’s most advanced sports touring tyre yet. Its tread pattern provides water dispersal from the contact patch at all angles whilst also giving more even wear. The tyre compound enables fast warm-up performance, even in colder conditions. TractionSkin technology provides improved safety while the zero-degree belt technology gives excellent stability at high speeds.

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