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By Julia Freeman

The HiAce, LiteAce, TownAce and ProAce series of Toyota vans are a common sight on British roads, but not all current versions are true Toyota designs. The current LiteAce is a rebadged Daihatsu Gran Max, and the ProAce is basically identical to the Citroen Dispatch and Fiat Scudo. Nevertheless, they are extremely practical vans with a sound reputation, especially for fuel economy and low running costs.

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Amongst Toyotas’ other commercial vehicles are the Sienna “minivan” and Hilux pickup.

The Sienna

The Sienna is officially a minivan but is really a multi-purpose vehicle with the low profile of an estate. It resembles a sporty 7-seater more than a van and is available in a wide range of trims and an AWD version.
Wheels range from 15” on older models up to 19” on more recent ones. Because of their powerful engines (up to 3.5 litres), fuel economy is not a highpoint. Choosing the right tyres can improve that.
Although the Sienna is light compared to other Toyota vans, they should still have tyres rated for heavier loads. If you’re in any doubt, our tyre professionals are available at all times to provide free advice.

The HiAce

HiAce light commercial vans were launched in 1967, and have been available in a wide range of roof heights and body configurations over the years. They are used as minibuses, pickups, taxis, and ambulances. Most engines are 2.5, 2.8 or 3.0 litres. 4WD models are also available.
Premium tyre choices for the HiAce include the Pirelli Carrier, Bridgestone Blizzak (eg W810), Bridgestone Duravis R660, and Continental VanContact or VancoFourSeason. The Falken Linam VAN01 should also be on your list. Many of these are available in winter versions. Michelin’s very robust Agilis Alpin is quieter rolling than their CrossClimate but provides lower mpg.

The ProAce

Although the ProAce name has been used since 1970, versions since 2013 are a reworking of the Peugeot Partner (or Citroen Expert). Trims include the Icon, Design, and City.
Cargo volumes vary substantially, between about 3.3 and 6.1 cubic metres depending on wheelbase and body style, but a ProAce can potentially accommodate two Euro pallets, something few competitors can achieve. Most City versions will carry 1 tonne, but 1.4 is achievable in some versions.
Drivers say the ProAce handles like a car and provides a comfortable ride. The Icon, Design, and City trims have extra sound insulation, so road noise is unlikely to be a major consideration when choosing tyres.
The engines are very fuel-efficient, and officially can achieve 60 mpg. In practice 45 mpg is more likely, but fuel is another issue that needn’t weigh too heavily on your tyre choice.

LiteAce and TownAce

These vans are now rebadged versions of the Daihatsu Gran Max. Most have modest sized engines but very decent payload capacities. The ideal tyre brands are similar to those above.
Great tyres for a ProAce include the very quiet Pirelli Carrier All Season, and the equally quiet Falken Euroall Season VAN11. The Falken Linam VAN01 is somewhat noisier but a very good tyre, and the trusty Bridgestone Duravis R660 is always a good choice. All of these tyres have been praised for exceptionally safe handling in wet weather.
If your Toyota van needs new tyres, speak to our qualified fitters at your local Protyre garage. All Protyre garages are staffed by highly qualified fitters and our tyre professionals are always happy to talk to you about your individual needs.

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