Tyres for my Peugeot Van

By Julia Freeman

Whether you drive a Peugeot Boxer, Expert, or Partner van, you’ll eventually need new tyres. Our tyre professionals can help you choose the best new tyres for your vehicle whether you’re looking at premium Pirellis or mid-range Falken. Just book into your local Protyre garage for the best range of tyres in your local area.

Popular Peugeot vans

The Peugeot Boxer offers genuinely impressive fuel economy in its class and some of the highest payload ratings for a 3.5 tonne van combined with good loading facilities. The Expert is a modern medium sized van with high payload capacity and a range of safety and fuel economy features, making it an efficient van that’s good to drive.
The compact Bipper is a resourceful city van with a large boot and nippy handling, while the Partner is a safe, secure and above all efficient drive with high payloads and a large loading bay making it dominant in the small van sector alongside the Citroen Berlingo.

Tyre sizes for Peugeot Vans

If you’re looking for replacement tyres, consult the owner's manual or read the tyre information on the existing sidewalls. Tyres should be replaced like for like with the same ratings and tread patterns. If you use tyres from different manufacturers make sure they’re mounted in pairs across each axle.
The most popular tyre sizes to look out for include:






215/65 R16


215/65 R16
If you drive one of the new Partner electric vans then look for tyres with a low rolling resistance which will take you further on a full charge and lower your environmental footprint.

What to look for in Peugeot van tyres

Replacing your tyres with the right match is critical when safety, longevity, and fuel economy are your top priorities. It’s also essential that your tyre is rated to carry those heavier loads in the Expert and Boxer.
It might sound obvious but van tyres and car tyres are totally different. Van tyres are designed to deal with harsher conditions and are designed to carry heavier loads - look for RF (reinforced) or XL (extra loads) markings on the sidewall.
Look for tyres constructed from high quality compounds and with tread patterns specially adapted for better handling when you’re carrying heavy or uneven loads. Check for low rolling resistance for better fuel economy and be prepared to pay for premium tyres for the best combination of efficiency, comfort, and safety.

How to get the best out of your Peugeot van tyres

To get the best out of your tyres, check the pressure regularly. If your van regularly carries heavy loads it’s essential that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure for better and safer handling when you accelerate, brake, and corner.
Under inflated tyres create greater rolling resistance which results in more fuel being used every trip. Correctly inflated tyres increase your fuel economy and reduce your vehicle’s C02 emissions.

Find your new tyres with Protyre

If your Peugeot van needs new tyres, speak to our qualified fitters at your local Protyre garage or try our user-friendly tyre search function that makes finding new tyres a snap - just enter your reg to find the best deals fast.

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