Tyres for my Mercedes Van

Selecting the best replacement tyres for a commercial vehicle is a balancing act. As with any business expense, it is vital to get the best value for money, weighing up the benefits of premium products against the cost of cheaper items with a view to striking a happy medium.

Buying tyres for Mercedes vans is no different, with a vast range of factors to be considered in order to make the best choice for your business. Some of these are based on the size and type of van which needs replacement tyres, whilst others are concerned with aspects such as the environment in which the van is driven or the manner in which the van is used on a daily basis.
Our years of experience tell us that in order to come up with the best decision, a fleet manager needs to have a close working knowledge of these factors. Then, and only then will they be able to select the set of tyres which will be both best for their van and their business needs.
Tyre manufacturers such as Pirelli have produced tyres which are matched carefully with the Mercedes Sprinter van series, offering fantastic performance in a range of conditions. Within any manufacturer's range will be heavy duty tyres suited to carrying heavy loads; ecologically focused tyres with a view to improving fuel efficiency as well as those formulated to cope with a variety of weather conditions, including wintry conditions.

Budget vs high end tyres

Weighing up the cost and benefits of budget tyres against the merits of higher end makes is a frequent task of fleet managers across the world. High end tyres come with a higher price tag than their less auspicious equivalents, but with this comes a wide range of benefits.
High end tyres are manufactured with the needs of the vehicle in mind and will have had extensive research and development investment prior to reaching your wheels. This enables the manufacturer to deliver improved performance, mileage, fuel economy, handling, safety and any other range of parameters that you could think of.
Pirelli have designed tyres for Mercedes vans which provide maximum grip whether the van is on a straight or cornering, whilst also being safer on wet roads with the tread reducing the risk of aquaplaning on surface water.
Cheaper tyres offer an immediate cost benefit, which is often outweighed by the shorter lifespan of the tyre, and the amount of time a van is off the road when the tyres need to be replaced frequently. The adage that if you buy cheap, you buy twice is never truer than with tyres.
Choosing the best tyres for your Mercedes vans will put the safety of your drivers at the top of the list, whilst also keeping the vans on the road for longer before they need maintenance.
Why not call into your local Protech garage to a have a chat with our experts about your tyre requirements, or book online for a free tyre check to ensure that your van or fleet has the best tyres for your particular needs.

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