Tyres for my Ford Van

By Julia Freeman

Ford vans are enduringly popular. So, if you drive a Ford van and it’s time for new tyres, what are the best options?

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The easiest option is to simply opt for the same tyres that you currently use. This means that there will be no need to adjust your driving style and you will be confident about how they will react.

What tyres am I currently using?

If you do not know this from memory, you can find all of the information you need on the actual tyres themselves. The manufacturer name will usually be pretty visible, and the other information can be obtained from the markings on the tyre that look something like, “235/55 R17 105 V.”
This may seem meaningless but is actually a series of letters and numbers that give vital information about the tyre.

  • The first number is the tyre's width expressed in millimetres

  • The second is the aspect ratio i.e. the height of the tyre as a percentage of the width

  • The first letter tells you what type of tyre it is (R is for Radial, D is for diagonal, B is for Bias belt)

  • The number following the letter signifies the diameter of the wheel (in inches)

  • The next number indicates the load index of the tyre. This is the maximum weight for which the tyre is certified. 105 means that the max load is 925kg

  • The final letter indicates the speed rating of the tyre. This is the maximum speed a tyre can deal with when carrying its maximum load. In this example, V means 240 km/h.

Recommended tyres

The recommended tyre manufacturers for Ford vans include, but are not limited to: Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Hankook, Pirelli, Yokohama, Avon, Firestone, Kleber, Matador, Nexen, and Uniroyal.
Some of the most popular recommended tyres include:
Hankook Vantra RA18 - a robust tyre that offers great mileage, rolling resistance and excellent handling. Due to its wide tread print, it offers some of the best wet grip performance, making it especially good for on-site and muddy roads.
Michelin Agilis+ - a premium summer tyre that is designed for utility vehicles and vans. It has 8 kerbing protectors to reduce sidewall damage, improved wet grip, and improved fuel efficiency courtesy of reduced rolling resistance.
Pirelli Chrono Winter - this premium commercial winter tyre provides fantastic performance in all winter conditions. It offers superb handling and braking performance even on ice and snow. It features reinforced shoulders and a directional tread design that boosts water dispersal, reducing the risk of aquaplaning.
Uniroyal Rainmax 2 - this tyre gives high mileage and fuel efficiency, and is one of the best tyres for vans that regularly drive in wet conditions. It offers enhanced protection against aquaplaning, improved handling, and optimised stability when cornering. It also provides outstanding economy and a long service life.
All Protyre garages are staffed by highly qualified fitters and our tyre professionals are always happy to talk to you about your individual needs. Why not book an appointment at your local garage today? You can use our online search tool to find the nearest Protyre garage to you.

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