Which Car Tyres Should You Get?

By Adam White

When you buy a brand new car, it will have been fitted with tyres chosen by the manufacturer. But do you really need to replace them with exactly the same make and model of tyres?

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Or can you choose cheaper options? Does it make any difference at all to the vehicle’s overall performance if you choose a different type or brand of car tyre?

When a car manufacturer introduces a new car to the market, the designers spend a great deal of time and effort in determining the most suitable tyres for each model. Their decision is influenced by a number of factors, including which tyres add extra appeal to the car’s design, as well as ensuring that the chosen tyres complement and support the vehicle’s performance and suspension geometry. So, if the car is a high-spec, high-speed model, it will have very different tyres from an SUV, for example.
But there’s absolutely no obligation to replace tyres with exactly the same brand or model. And in some cases, it may be more convenient to replace the fitted tyres with alternative models anyway, for example, when you purchase a car with summer tyres, but need to replace them with winter tyres.

The one thing you should always do when replacing tyres, is to ensure that you select new tyres with the same speed rating as your current ones. This information will be clearly displayed in your vehicle’s handbook, but it’s also prominently displayed on the tyres themselves. Look on the sidewall of your current tyres and you’ll see that they have a series of letters and numbers, which give you important information about the tyre’s size and tread pattern, as well as a guide to load and speed limits.
In sourcing a replacement, it’s essential that you choose a tyre with the same, or higher load and speed rating, as your current tyres, or you will compromise your vehicle’s safety.

Tyres come in a huge range of sizes and types and there’s absolutely no obligation to keep to the same brand of tyres once it’s time to replace your factory-fitted ones. Options are usually available from premium, mid-range and budget tyre brands so it’s possible to source replacement tyres that work with your budget, as well as your driving style. Whether you favour top-of-the-range Pirelli tyres or opt for a budget brand, all tyres sold in the UK by reputable retailers must adhere to the same stringent regulations and will provide a safe and secure motoring experience.

Did you know?

Protyre offer free tyre checks at all garages within our UK network. Click the button below to book online or contact your local Protyre garage to book your vehicle in.

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With so many options available these days, from summer, winter and all-season tyres to run-flat versions that enable you to continue your journey even with a puncture, it can be difficult to determine which tyres are the best ones for your needs. So to help you, we’ve included a tyre search function on our site. This allows you to select tyres based on your current ones, or by entering your vehicle registration number.
Still not sure which tyres are the best option for your needs? Then just call in and see us, so that our tyre professionals can advise you in person. Pick a date and time that suits you, and our experienced fitters will be happy to help.

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