Environmental Tyres: Guide on Environmentally Friendly Car Tyres

By Mariana Saenzpardo

Sustainability is a key concern these days and tyre manufacturers are taking note. Manufacturers such as Bridgestone are taking steps to end the use of fossil fuel products in favour of creating fully sustainable tyres.

Environmental Tyres

So how can tyres be environmentally friendly, and what choices can you make to reduce your eco-footprint?

How can tyres be environmentally friendly?

Your car tyres are fundamental to your safety on the road and that of other road users. They keep you in contact with the road and dictate comfort and performance. An eco-friendly tyre is designed to meet specific environmental goals without compromising performance or safety.
In fact, many eco-tyres are outperforming conventional rubber compounds, delivering better grip and fuel economy.

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The three Rs of environmentally friendly tyres:
Raw materials
Eco-friendly tyres incorporate new synthetic compounds and silica rubber. The resulting tyres combine a lower weight with improved strength to improve performance through superior grip.
Silica reduces the friction generated in conventional tyres. By dispersing the carbon molecules rather than allowing them to clump together and generate heat, eco-tyres reduce emissions and improve the lifespan of your tyres.
The search for new materials has led tyre manufacturers to investigate a range of latex substitutes including natural latex produced by the dandelion plant. This highly sustainable resource could be the future for environmentally friendly tyre production.
Rolling resistance
Rolling resistance is the force that needs to be generated to get a tyre rolling. An environmentally friendly tyre such as the Bridgestone Ecopia boasts lower rolling resistance which requires less force and fuel to set it rolling. In fact Bridgestone claims fuel savings of up to 5.7% with its eco-friendly tyres which not only reduces your environmental footprint but also saves you money.
Even premium tyre manufacturers are boasting about using recycled materials, so don’t be surprised if you see the R word on the label. Using recycled rubber is a highly sustainable way to reduce waste, while recycling your tyres contributes to closed-loop manufacturing that is environmentally friendly.
Worn out tyres have a huge range of uses from roof tiles and rubberised road surfaces to carpet underlay and school playgrounds. At Protyre we can recycle your used tyres for you when you purchase your new set.

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Make the switch

If you want to make the switch to environmentally friendly and sustainable tyres, try the Ecopia. This low rolling resistance tyre is eco-friendly offers tangible fuel efficiency benefits and a quiet and comfortable ride.
In terms of performance, it offers excellent grip in wet and dry conditions thanks to NanoPro-Tech technology and a fuel-saving sidewall compound. If you’re interested in what eco-friendly tyres can do for you, visit your local Protyre garage and our tyre professionals will be happy to help.

Ask your Protyre garage about environmentally friendly tyres

We’re all keen to do our bit for the environment and eco-friendly tyres definitely offer a win-win solution. At Protyre we’re committed to helping our customers get the best out of their motoring so why not book one of our free tyre checks online? If your tyres need replacing, our qualified fitters can recommend the best replacements or use our intuitive tyre search function to find the eco-friendly tyres that are right for your car.

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