Is it worth buying premium tyres?

By David Sholicar

Tyres are the only part of your car that is actually in contact with the road surface, so they are essential to your safety. You need to make sure your tyres have enough tread and that they are kept at the right pressures. But how much difference does the brand of tyre you fit to your car make?

Tyre tread

There is a big difference in price between budget and premium tyre brands, such as; Bridgestone, Michelin and Pirelli, so is it worth paying the extra for a brand or are you just as well saving some money and buying something cheaper?
Partly the answer depends on your car. If you have a performance model, it may well have been designed around a particular type of tyre and switching to something cheaper may well compromise the handling or even safety. Even on everyday family cars, however, the tyre plays a big part in how the car feels and its driving characteristics.
It’s important to note too that when you buy a tyre from a premium brand like Pirelli, you are not just getting a chunk of black rubber, you are buying years of research and development that have gone into making a better product. Premium manufacturers are responsible for some of the tyre industry’s great innovations including radial plies, directional treads and run-flat technology.

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Premium Tyres

They also work to make treads that are most efficient at clearing surface water and reducing road noise. These manufacturers often work with car makers to develop products that are approved as ‘original equipment’. It’s therefore always worth looking at what tyres your car came out of the factory with.
A premium brand tyre will often deliver better grip, improve the car’s fuel efficiency by reducing rolling resistance and will probably last longer too. If you are a high mileage driver, therefore, it may actually be more cost-effective to buy premium branded tyres. They may well save you fuel but, if you were to buy cheap tyres, you may well end up changing them more regularly, so they could prove to be false economy.
It’s also the case that premium tyre makers are more likely to produce specialist products such as high-performance tyres and all-weather or winter tyres that will provide better grip in winter conditions.
Choosing tyres can be bewildering. Why not enter your car details into the search tool on the Protyre website and you will usually be presented with several choices in different ranges. While premium tyres may cost more, price isn’t the only thing that should influence your purchasing decision.

Tyre manufacturers are now obliged to provide clear labelling for things like wear, wet grip and noise levels and these can help inform your choice. Although premium brands are more expensive, they generally perform better in many areas so it’s important to take your driving needs and annual mileage into account.
If you need advice as to the best option for your needs and pocket, then at Protyre, our tyre professionals are always happy to offer advice and help you find a tyre that is right for your needs.

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