Discount Tyres

By David Sholicar

If you’re shopping for discount tyres, Protyre can help. We have thousands of discounted tyres from brands including Sumitomo, Pirelli and Bridgestone.

Discount Tyres

Our qualified fitters will be happy to help you make the right choice of budget, mid-range or premium tyres for your make and model, with options for 4x4s, run flats and many more.

Choosing the right tyres

Whatever brand you choose, you’ll ideally need to make sure that all four tyres share the same tread pattern and size. You can also fit two different sets of tyres but tyres mounted on the same axle (i.e. front or rear) must match.
If you wish to replace tyres like for like, you can check the information on the sidewalls or in the owner’s manual.

Budget, mid-range or premium?

The first decision you need to make is with regard to your budget and how much you can afford to invest in your new tyres. With our discounted prices, you may be surprised at the quality you can afford.

  • Budget tyres are the least durable option, but can be a quick fix if you need tyres in a hurry and you’re strapped for cash.

  • Mid-range tyres perform extremely well for most drivers and offer a good balance between the performance of a premium tyre and the economy of a budget tyre. Falken is a mid-range manufacturer offering excellent value for money.

  • Premium tyres are unmatched for quality and performance but brands such as Pirelli come with a matching price tag. Premium tyres offer innovations in tyre tread and compounds that eventually find their way down to the mid-range.

Summer, winter or all season?

Depending on your location and driving habits, you may also need to choose between summer, winter and all season tyres:

  • Winter tyres are generally fitted between October and March in areas where the ambient temperature is around 7C degrees or below. They offer unmatched performance in wet, icy and snowy conditions, with plenty of grip and traction.

  • Summer tyres offer unrivalled performance in dry and wet conditions with excellent braking, handling and low rolling resistance for better fuel economy.

  • All-season tyres are highly versatile offering a blend of winter and summer performance.

Did you know?

Protyre offer a range of free checks to keep your vehicle healthy and on the road, including free tyre checks. Why not book your vehicle in for a free tyre check and let our expert technicians inspect your tyres, offer advice on their condition and possible options to replace them, if necessary.

Do I need run flat tyres?

If your car doesn’t have a spare wheel, the chances are you have run flat tyres. These tyres have extra tough reinforced sidewalls so they’re able to withstand a puncture. You can continue to drive on them, usually for a maximum 50 miles at 50mph or so, which should get you to your nearest Protyre garage.
While the higher replacement cost can make it tempting to swap your run flat tyres for standard ones, you may compromise performance and safety if you do. Ask our tyre professionals for advice.

Find your new tyres at Protyre

Discount tyres don’t have to be budget tyres when you use the Protyre tyre search function. Just enter your vehicle reg number and postcode to find tyres that are suitable for your van or car and choose those that offer the best blend of features, quality and value.

Need a new set of tyres? Buy online at Protyre and save £££s!

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We offer a huge range of tyre brands in all sizes and price ranges so you’re sure to find the tyres you want. And with same-day fitting, Protyre will help you get the tyres you need at a price you’ll like.

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