Cheap new tyres

At Protyre, our tyre professionals are standing by to help you choose the best new tyres from brands including Falken, Sumitomo and Bridgestone. These are just some of the ranges available that combine great features with an affordable price.

But when you’re shopping for new tyres and you want to keep the cost down, what are the features you need from a budget tyre?

Check your sidewalls

Before you start thinking about what brands to buy, you need to check your tyres for compatibility. It’s critical that you fit matching tyres with the same tread pattern and ratings on all four-wheel positions. Tyre uniformity is essential for steering, control and performance.
Simply check the 6-figure code on your sidewalls and enter the information into the Protyre tyre search engine. You can then make your choice from premium, mid-range and budget tyres that are compatible with the make and model of your car. To make the choice even easier, look to replace your original tyres like for like.

Other driving considerations

Your driving style will also impact the type of new tyres you choose:

  • For a smooth and comfortable ride, choose tyres with a lower noise rating and a tread suitable for long hours in urban traffic.
  • All-terrain tyres give you the versatility to go off-road, offering increased traction on different terrains.
  • Look for lower rolling resistance when choosing your tyres and you can expect substantially better fuel efficiency.


Winter, summer or all-season?

Depending on the climate where you live, you may also want to invest in specialised winter and summer tyres:

  • Winter tyres use compounds and tyre tread patterns designed to perform better in freezing conditions. They offer better braking and improved handling on snow and ice.
  • Summer tyres can be a good all-round choice offering excellent handling and grip in dry conditions and aquaplaning resistance on wet roads.
  • All-season tyres don’t offer the same season-specific levels of performance as dedicated tyres, but can be an excellent choice when you’re looking for cheap new tyres thanks to their combination of performance and safety.

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Getting the most out of your new tyres

Whichever tyres you choose, there are a few handy maintenance tips to help you get the most out of your new wheels:

  • Driving smoothly, avoiding excess speed, abrupt cornering and sharp braking can help to prolong the lifespan of your tyres.
  • Keeping your tyres correctly inflated reduces rolling resistance and increases fuel efficiency. Both under and overinflated tyres can cause increased wear, so make sure you check the pressure regularly.
  • Worn tyres are an automatic fail on the MOT, so check them with an inexpensive tyre tread gauge or the rim of an old style 20p piece. You should have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.


Cheap new tyres from Protyre 

At Protyre, we’re your local tyre specialists and our experienced and qualified fitters will help you choose the right new tyres for your budget. Book in for a free tyre check and our expert technicians will give your wheels a complete series of checks.

Or search for your new tyres online using our dedicated search function to find the best value deals on new tyres for your make and model.

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