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By Julia Freeman

We’re all looking for the best value when it comes to car tyres. But sometimes spending a little more can be highly cost effective in the long run as you’ll make savings with greater fuel economy and enjoy a safer and more comfortable ride mile after mile.

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At Protyre our tyre professionals can advise you on the best tyres at our great low prices. There’s nothing wrong with getting a bargain but we believe that when it comes to safety and performance, if you buy budget you can end up buying twice.

Should I buy cheap car tyres?

Buying new tyres is a necessary evil and some premium brands such as Pirelli can cost far more than you want to pay. But believe it or not, those premium tyres can be worth the money when it comes to combining performance, fuel economy, and safety.
Over time, premium tyres can prove to be better value for money; those superior compounds and tread patterns are designed to lower rolling resistance and save you money every time you fill up. And premium tyres have a premium safety record, which should always be your number one requirement when buying new rubber for your car.
However, if your budget is tight, there are alternatives that can keep you safer on the road than cheap tyres with a high-risk factor.

What’s the difference between premium and budget tyres?

So just what is the difference between a premium tyre and a budget model? Ultimately, premium tyres are designed to deliver high performance and excellent fuel efficiency. Superior compounds and tread patterns that are the result of intense research and development can significantly improve the contact between your car and the road for improved safety and better handling.
These innovations eventually trickle down to mid-range tyres, which can represent good value for money if your budget won’t stretch to premium rubber. The handling and durability may not match that of more expensive tyres but they’re a good halfway house if you’re a frequent driver who doesn’t make huge demands on their vehicle.
Budget tyres can be an option if you need a quick change but don’t want to spend a fortune. And they can be an affordable option for a second car that doesn’t need to do much mileage. But in the long run buying cheap tyres can be a false economy.

Are cheap tyres a false economy?

We all want to get the best possible value for our money, but buying budget tyres may not be the most cost-effective option depending on your style of driving and average mileage over the lifecycle of the tyres.
It’s true that budget tyres can be an effective option when the tread on your existing tyres is dangerously low and you’re almost at the 1.6mm limit. A new budget tyre will have around 8mm of tread whereas a part worn tyre may only offer 3mm making the budget model the sensible choice and safer too – we NEVER recommend part-worn because you don't know the tyre's history.
However, if you need a new set of tyres for everyday use, budget tyres can be a false economy since they’re the least durable option and can wear out fast. Not only will you end up buying new tyres more quickly, but they’ll also cost you more when you fill up at the pump.
Although don’t confuse budget tyres with cheap tyres from well-known brands that can offer all of the safety and performance features you need at a great price.

Buy with Protyre

At Protyre you can buy your tyres at low prices from brands including Pirelli, Falken and Bridgestone. You won’t have to compromise on great safety features and better fuel efficiency to buy cheap car tyres.

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With same day appointments available across much of our range, use our handy and user-friendly online search tool to find the best tyres for your budget, or book in for a free tyre health check where our qualified fitters can advise the best rubber for your vehicle.

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