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By Julia Freeman

Buying cheap tyres doesn’t mean you have to settle for poor control, road noise, and low durability. Budget tyres meet the same stringent roadworthiness tests that premium tyres do. Low pricing is often because of fierce regional competition in eastern Asia and poor brand recognition in Europe. Manufacturers often have decades of experience, for example the Yancheng Rubber Company (who produce Duraturn) have been making tyres on the same site since 1959.

Budget Saving

Nevertheless, in our experience the tyres that arrive on the UK market are sometimes inconsistent in durability and finish, so you shouldn’t expect the same performance from cheap tyres that you’d expect from brands like Bridgestone and Pirelli. Although some cheap car tyres are less durable, their low price still makes them great long-term value.

Budget tyres and discount tyres

Cheap budget tyres and discount tyres are two different things. Budget brands aim consistently at providing affordable rather than high performance tyres whereas a discount tyre can be a high-performance tyre discounted because of over-stocking or line clearances. At Protyre, we often discount particular tyres, and leading tyre makers do the same – offering great tyres at low prices. In some tyre sizes, Pirelli and Bridgestone often match the price of mid-range and budget brands so always check every manufacturer when looking for cheap tyres.
For example, for summer tyres on a smaller car consider the Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde or the Bridgestone Turanza T005. Both ranges start at under £60 fitted.

Recommended for smaller cars

Generally speaking, our tyre professionals recommend budget tyres for small cars that travel less than 8000 miles per annum within urban areas. Drive on them sensibly and they will provide good service and great value. Drivers that run up the mileage on long intercity journeys are probably better advised to save their pennies for tyres with guaranteed performance and durability.

Budget brands

Budget tyres are available under brand names such as Autogrip, Budget, Ovation and Enduro-Runway.
Autogrip tyres are made by Fullrun – a tyre manufacturer in Qingdao China. They also make Fullway, Versatyre, Antyre, and Adereneza branded tyres. Summer tyres start at under £40 (depending on your wheel size), and they offer an XL runflat for little over £50 (the Autogrip Grip 500).
The “Budget” brand tyres are made by Duraturn, a branch of YC Rubber Company. Duraturn Mozzo tyres are for passenger cars, and their Travia brand for light commercial vehicles and SUVs. A notable offering are the Budget Mozzon Winter tyres which start at under £50 – an incredible price for cold tolerant tyres with a water-clearing tread pattern.
Ovation tyres are made by Shandong Hengfeng Rubber & Plastic Company who produce 12 million tyres per year using state of the art European machinery to guarantee high quality and consistency. An example is the Ovation Ecovision VI 682 which starts below £50.
Runway tyres are made by Giti Tire company from Singapore. They make both budget and performance tyres. For example, the Runway Enduro HP726 is available in XL for under £40 - amazing value. At the other end of their range is the Enduro 916 - a tyre designed for high performance vehicles and wet conditions, priced over £100.

Book with Protyre

All of our tyres can be purchased through our website via our easy-to-use tyre guide. Just type your registration number into the tyre finder to see all of the options available to you. Same day fitting is available across much of our range at most Protyre garages.

Alternatively, our tyre professionals are always on hand to give advice and information to help you make the choice. You can contact your local Protyre garage, or pop in if you’re passing by, and the team will be happy to help.

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