Budget tyres and mid range tyres explained

By Julia Freeman

In our experience, one of the most common questions when it comes to vehicle ownership is "How much are tyres going to cost me?" The answer is "it depends". Tyres can cost from as little as £20 to over £100,000 each (yes, really!) - although the majority fall between £70 and £300.

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When it comes to tyres, there are numerous different types available, and the choice can be somewhat daunting. To make things easier, tyres are usually categorised by cost/performance level (premium, mid-range, budget/economy) and the season that they best suit (summer, winter, all-season).

So, how do premium, mid-range, and budget tyres differ?

Premium tyres are those made by mainstream manufacturers and are the result of significant investment in R&D, safety, performance, and production facilities. They will use modern computing techniques to achieve optimum performance and may incorporate several patented features/technologies. The major premium tyre manufacturers include Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Dunlop, and Continental. Although they are the most costly, premium tyres will last the longest so they may not work out that much more expensive over a long period of time. Premium tyres will also usually offer better fuel efficiency, performance, and reliability. You will generally find that Ultra-High Performance (UHP) tyres also come under the 'premium' category.

Mid-range tyres are generally cheaper than premium tyres but will often be not that far away in terms of performance and longevity. They will still have undergone extensive testing and development. Some premium manufacturers also make mid-range tyres (sometimes under a different brand name) and these will often benefit from the same technologies and features as their premium cousins. Many see mid-range as the 'happy medium' between economy / budget and premium - and for most people using their cars every day, mid-range tyres will be more than adequate. Some of the brands that are regarded as mid-range include Falken, Sumitomo, GT Radial, Avon, Hankook, Yokohama, and Uniroyal.

Best mid-range tyres

The Falken Ziex ZE310 Ecorun is a summer tyre that features innovative technologies and offers increased levels of both safety and control. Depending on the tyre size and speed rating, the ZE310 Ecorun has either a three-groove design or a four-groove tread pattern. Falken have used their innovative Advanced 4D Nano Design Technology to ensure that this tyre offers maximum mileage and increased wear life compared to its predecessor. The tyre also offers improved water evacuation, expanded contact area, and impressive traction in all weather conditions.

The Sumitomo BC100 is a summer tyre designed for passenger cars such as the Audi 100 Avant 2.5 TDI, Vauxhall Insignia, Ford Galaxy, and Volvo S60 D5. This tyre features an asymmetric tread pattern and offers excellent aquaplaning resistance, reduced braking distances, and impressive handling and stability.

The Falken Azenis FK510 is an XL summer tyre featuring an innovative, new compound that is designed to maximise safety and boost driver confidence. This tyre is available in a huge range of sizes and offers outstanding wet and dry handling, high levels of safety and control, exceptional stability in high-speed cornering, and shorter braking distances.

The GT Radial 4Seasons is an all-season tyre for passenger cars that offers consistent grip across a wide range of temperatures, impressive mileage, good grip on snow, safer driving in wet conditions, and consistent performance even in summer heat. This tyre features dual ultra-wide grooves, a new full silica compound, and multiple deep sipes.

The Hankook Kinergy 4S2 H750 is an all season tyre for passenger cars. This tyre features a directional tread, and offers short braking distances and excellent high-speed handling on dry roads, short wet braking distances, outstanding straight aquaplaning resistance, low wear resistance, and low noise.

Budget tyres

Budget tyres are generally the cheapest of the three main categories. But this does not necessarily mean they are not suitable for some vehicles/owners. These tyres will not be as technologically advanced, durable, or high-performing as premium and mid-range models but they can still be more than adequate in the right situations. They could be perfectly fine for drivers who do not use their car regularly, only do short journeys, or as a short-term solution when funds are tight. Despite their low cost, they will still meet the required standards in terms of safety and are covered by their manufacturer's guarantee. Some of the main budget manufacturers include Ovation, Autogrip, Enduro-Runway, Nankang, Minerva, and Budget.

The Autogrip Grip 200 tyre is a low-cost summer tyre made by Fullrun that is designed for use on passenger cars. It is available in a number of different sizes and offers reliable grip, good handling, and consistent wear - in addition to being great value for money.

The Runway Enduro All Season is an all season tyre for smaller coupes and saloons. This tyre offers optimal fuel efficiency, improved tread life, and impressive performance and handling.

The Minerva S210 is a winter tyre that is able to safely handle the conditions of central European winters. It has a range of features, including wide circumferential grooves and utilises a rubber composite blend. This tyre offers excellent performance at low temperatures, impressive durability, enhanced braking, reliable handling, and low noise levels.

Otani KC2000 is a touring summer tyre designed for passenger cars such as the Ford Galaxy, Honda City, Renault Megane, and Volvo V60. This tyre offers a high level of traction on all surfaces, precise braking and handling, excellent aquaplaning resistance, and good durability.

The Runway Enduro HP is a summer tyre for high-performance passenger cars and offers impressive braking performance, reliable handling in wet and dry conditions, improved cornering stability, and good aquaplaning resistance.

The Yokohama BluEarth-4S AW21 is an all-season tyre capable of dealing with a variety of weather conditions. It offers excellent dry and wet braking, enhanced snow and ice grip, and impressive durability/mileage. The BluEarth 4S AW21 features a V-groove tread pattern which reduces the risk of aquaplaning and a special silica compound that helps the tyre to remain supple in cooler conditions.


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