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By Mariana Saenzpardo

As the climate changes and our weather becomes more unpredictable, it makes more sense than ever to invest in winter or snow tyres. With the UK grinding to a halt whenever snow falls, why not keep yourself on the road with a full set of dedicated snow tyres fitted by our tyre professionals?

Snow Tyre

What are snow tyres?

The term snow tyres is used interchangeably with winter tyres and refers to a tyre specially designed to cope with low temperatures, snow and ice. They’re also safer than summer tyres in wet weather conditions and have greater grip and better performance at an ambient temperature of around 7°C degrees and below.
If you live in a part of the country where winter conditions warrant their use, snow tyres are a wise investment. The combination of softer rubber compounds and sipes on the tyre blocks delivers greater traction and safer performance.

Should I buy snow tyres?

Winter tyres are not mandatory on UK roads but if you regularly drive in adverse conditions or in remote areas, you’ll appreciate the improved performance. However, they are mandatory in some European countries such as Germany and if you’re a regular visitor you will be required to drive with winter tyres.
At Protyre, we recommend having them fitted in October through to March after which they should be replaced with summer tyres. And while you can drive on winter tyres all year round, the higher summer temperatures can render them unsafe.

Looking for a set of Winter tyres?

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If you are thinking about buying snow tyres, consider having them mounted on a spare set of wheels - corrosion resistant steel is a smart choice. Then store your wheels upright in a cool, dry, dark place wrapped in strong black plastic bags until you need them again.

What are the best snow tyres?

Major brands including Bridgestone and Pirelli are renowned for the quality of their winter tyres. Here’s what to look for in the best snow tyres:

  • A chunky tyre tread pattern with extra deep grooves designed to resist aquaplaning and improve braking distances on icy and snowy surfaces.

  • Soft and supple silica-based compounds that won’t become rigid in freezing temperatures and give additional grip.

  • A series of sipes or additional grooves in the tyre blocks that give additional grip and traction in treacherous conditions, enabling localised movement of the softer rubber compound.

Choosing my snow tyres with Protyre

If you’re interested in using snow tyres this winter, then why not pop along to your local Protyre garage? Our qualified fitters will be happy to help you choose the right set of winter tyres for your vehicle and fit them professionally for outstanding performance.
Otherwise, you can use the tyre search function on the website. Simply enter your vehicle details and then select the right winter tyres. With same-day fitting available on many makes and models, you can have them fitted long before the first snows arrive!

Protyre free tyre checks

If you prefer to run all-season tyres or you live in a milder part of the country, why not book in for a free safety check? Our tyre professionals will run a series of tests on tread depth, pressure, wear and tear and more to determine that your tyres are safe for peace-of-mind motoring.

Check out our full selection fo free checks below:

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