Best mid-range tyres

The best tyres that you can buy will always depend on your vehicle and your driving routines. Remember that although buying a full set of new tyres can be a substantial outlay, it is also an opportunity to improve your driving experience.

For example, if your mileage is high, you can choose tyres with high durability and lower fuel consumption. If you enjoy fast cars capable of doing a turn on the track, you will care more about control and handling. If you’re irritated by noise in the cabin, you can look for quieter rolling tyres, but if you’re planning on buying a caravan you should choose extra-loads.
Don’t forget to consider your location. You can keep summer tyres on all year in the south but might want an all-season or winter tyre if you live in the snowy west or north.

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Best mid-range tyres

That said, of course, we have some opinions. In the middle price range, we think Falken tyres are clearly among the winners.
Both the Falken Azenis and Falken Ziex ranges are superb summer tyres with performance that matches higher-priced premium brands. Their wet handling and braking is first class and they roll quietly, surprising as many are also rated XL for high load carrying capacity. The Ecorun versions (for example the Falken Ziex ZE310) are excellent value for money although runflats tend to come at a premium in this range. Another advantage of the Falken Azenis and Ziex is that they are readily available in almost all rim and tyre sizes.
Among all-season tyres, Falken do it again. The Falken Euroall Season AS210 is a definite pack leader and if you’re looking for a full winter tyre, the Falken Eurowinter HS01 is outstanding once again.

Other great brands

Sumitomo also makes some of the best mid-range tyres. They are a lesser-known brand name in the UK but great value. The Sumitomo BC100, in particular, is another extra-load summer tyre known for combining quiet rolling, good wet-weather grip and decent fuel economy at a great price point.
GT Radial tyres have long been a popular choice and they certainly make good tyres, but they are not the quietest. You might be surprised how much your ride comfort improves by switching to Falken tyres. Toyo Proxes (CF2 and CF2S) also successfully balance all-round performance with a relatively smooth ride.
Hankook is only the 23rd best-known brand among British motorists despite being recommended by Mercedes and Audi. However, our tyre professionals have noticed that slightly different versions of the same tyre sometimes achieve very different test results. For example, the Hankook Ventus S1 with a Y speed rating rolled at 65dB in independent tests, but the W reached 72dB. If you’re considering Hankook, be sure to check the ratings of the exact size and speed you’re looking for.
Remember, however, there is no substitute for experience and you’ll find plenty at any Protyre garage.

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