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By Julia Freeman

Buying 4x4 tyres used to be something that only a tiny minority of drivers needed to do. Land Rovers and Jeeps were bought by a niche market, used by farmers, soldiers, and anyone who needed a rugged, off-road vehicle.


You can still buy some of the big off-roaders, but these days Sports Utility Vehicles, or SUVs, come in even the most compact of sizes making them a popular choice with all kinds of drivers. Around a quarter of all new cars sold in Europe are now 4x4s, crossovers, or SUVs – even if most of them never go anywhere that a typical family saloon wouldn’t. A higher driving position, better handling in severe weather conditions and a sporty image all help to make these types of cars an extremely popular choice.
But whether you’re doing the daily commute, picking up the groceries, or you regularly spend time driving along tracks and unmetalled roads, choosing the best 4x4 tyres for your needs will enhance the comfort and safety of you and your passengers.

The difference between standard tyres and 4x4 tyres

To a layperson all tyres look pretty much the same. But the quality of rubber and other compounds, the size and shape of the treads, and the spaces between those treads all have an impact on vehicle handling and road holding. Tyres for 4x4 vehicles are softer with deeper treads that have much wider spacing between them.
For off-road driving purposes, the specialist 4x4 tyres that you fit, whether Pirelli, Bridgestone or a budget brand, will provide the essential grip and traction required. The tyres flex to cope with the muddiest and most unstable of surfaces, allowing you to go where normal tyres simply couldn’t. The downside to that is that off-road tyres tend to wear out much faster than you might expect on normal roads, so they need replacing much more frequently. And unlike two-wheel drive vehicles, it’s advised to use the same tyres on all four wheels, since they’re all driven by the engine.

Find your 4x4 tyres

Visit us at Protyre and you’ll find the best selection of 4x4 tyres in the UK and with the best prices too. Whether you’re going to be driving on tarmac for most of the time, or you’re heading out on an off-roading adventure and slopes and need a set of tyres to suit expected conditions, we’re here to help.
We’ve got an incredibly simple search tool that lists all the 4x4 tyres for sale that are compatible with your vehicle. Just input your car’s registration number and our algorithms do all the hard work, taking the guesswork out of tyre buying. Alternatively, you can input the details shown either in the vehicle handbook or embossed on the side wall of your current tyres. All of our prices include fitting, with a same-day service often available.

Book with Protyre

You can purchase your tyres online by clicking the button below for fitting at your nearest Protyre garage or call in for personalised advice from our tyre professionals. Just tell them about your driving style, as well as the road surfaces and driving conditions you regularly face, and they’ll suggest the best options for your needs.

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