Tyre hazards on your driveway

Tyre damage is a common issue and a very important item amidst the safety checks that a motorist should carry out on a regular basis. After all, tyres bear the weight of your vehicle and are the only points on your vehicle that come into contact with the road.

Some issues with tyres occur when the vehicle is on the road and, for example, comes into contact with road debris and sustains damage such as a puncture or tear. Even at the point of impact, the damage may not be immediately obvious so it is up to the motorist to make regular checks of their vehicle for signs of damage.
There are many risks posed to tyres, however, from the point that the vehicle is stationary on the driveway.
One of the main causes of a tyre blowout is under-inflation. Under-inflated tyres are more at risk of sustaining wear and tear and from overheating as well as causing an increase in fuel consumption. Equally, over-inflation can cause problems such as uneven tread wear and a reduction in traction. It is often on the driveway that tyres are inflated, so it is at home that the manual must be checked and the manufacturer’s guidelines followed to ensure correct tyre pressure is maintained.

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It is equally important that care and attention is given to identifying when the vehicle will be loaded to the extent that the tyre pressure will need to be adjusted to be appropriate for carrying an abnormally heavy load. Obvious examples include moving heavy items or when the cases are all loaded in the boot, ready for a summer driving holiday.
The driveway itself can contain hazards to your tyres, particularly where the drive has been used for some DIY-related activities. Dropped nails, screws or sharp debris can easily result in a puncture. Even driving into the driveway too quickly and hitting the kerb could cause cracks or bulges to appear in the tyre.
Any overly-ambitious motorist can, in fact, be a hazard as they may attempt tyre repairs or replacements themselves but without the necessary experience and ability to carry out the work safely. It is invariably better to have a professional carry out work in relation to your tyres as they will be experienced and will have the essential tools for the job.
Protyre has a team of qualified fitters who will be more than happy to carry out free tyre checks on your vehicle. Our tyre professionals will advise you as to the condition of your tyres and make recommendations as to suitable replacements if needed. Protyre supply and fit tyres from a range of manufacturers such as; Bridgestone, Pirelli, Sumitomo and Falken.
The Protyre website also has a useful tyre search function that you can use when you wish to locate the most appropriate tyres for any vehicle, based on the make, model and type of usage expected. Years of experience tell us that motorists who regularly have their tyres checked and also have regular services incur lower repair costs overall.

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