Does Insurance Cover Tyre Damage?

As with owning a property, vehicles cost a great deal in upkeep. During the harsher winter months, for example, poorly maintained roads and potholes catch drivers unaware and can cause significant tyre damage.

The purpose of insurance is to cover you when the unforeseen happens. Depending on the coverage on your policy, your insurance could help to pay to repair or replace your tyres or wheels after they've been damaged or stolen. However, whilst some types of damage are covered by some policies, making a claim may not be worth it. Unfortunately for many motorists, the value of a tyre is often significantly below the excess they will be required to pay in the event of a claim.
Whether you have normal, high-performance or run-flat tyres, a bit of bad luck out on the road can translate into an unwelcome bill. Puncture repairs cost from around £15 but a replacement tyre can easily cost upwards of £150. If you take out a specialist car tyre insurance policy, you’ll get coverage against accidental damage, such as a puncture from road debris, vandalism or any sudden failures, all of which you would ordinarily have to pay out of pocket.
However, general wear and tear isn’t covered and car tyre insurance policies will come with exclusions on the age and condition of the tyres. Many insist on the vehicle being under 10 years old with less than 70,000 miles recorded. The tyres must also have a minimum tread depth; 2.5mm or more is common.

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As with any form of insurance, you will need to balance the cost of the premiums against the likely risk. You will also need to read the small print very carefully as many specialist policies will have strict claim limits within a given time period.
Your tyres are essential to safe driving, affecting the vehicle’s handling and braking performance.
If your car's handling has been compromised by the poor condition of your tyres in the event of a collision, your insurance company may not honour your claim or may make deductions. In addition, you may face prosecution or penalty points depending upon the severity of the issue and the circumstances.

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This is why our tyre professionals strongly advise using the tyres that meet the manufacturer's specifications and ensuring that they are in good condition. The legal tread depth limit is 1.6mm which must be present in the central three-quarters of the tread, all the way around the tyre but our experts recommend a practical minimum of 3mm. On a wet surface at tread depth below 3mm, the stopping distance increases by 44.6% at 1.6mm.
If you need to replace them, we offer leading brands, including; Pirelli, BridgestoneFalken or Sumitomo, together with a wide range of mid-range and budget tyres, all at highly competitive prices.
Our years of experience tell us that regularly checking your tyre pressure is equally essential in ensuring safety. This reduces the chance of an accident because underinflated tyres can cause damage to the tyre's sidewall and, potentially, tyre blowouts.
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