Can you Promise your Tyres are Safe?

One in three parents admit to not checking the safety of their tyres on a regular enough basis.  Yet they’d regularly check more visible child safety equipment, like their child car seat.

Safety Helmet

This year, as part of Tyre Safety month, we wanted to remind families to not put their children at risk by driving on dangerous tyres.  Remind you that tyre safety was just as important as things like seat belts and child car seats.
Tyres are your vehicle’s only link with the road. In fact, your safety (and that of your passengers) is reliant on an area of contact between the tyre and the road surface, which is no bigger than the palm of your hand.
Our YouGov survey of parents also raised serious concerns about priorities when carrying out essential child safety checks on their car before setting off on a journey. While almost two-thirds of parents said checking their child had been to the toilet was important, only around half considered checking tyres to be important.
58% of all removed tyres across our centres are illegal – these tyres could be putting drivers and their families at serious risk. Which is why we want to help families regularly carry out simple checks for themselves.

ACT now and make sure your tyres are safe for use, by checking the following key factors:
Air pressure
Tread depth
Learn how to complete these checks here.

How to check tyre pressures
Research undertaken by Protyre has shown that 90% of all vehicles that visit our centres have the incorrect tyre pressure – even for tyres that aren’t being replaced. If you're wondering, “What tyre pressure do I need?” read our guide to find out how to check.
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Tyre Care - Tyre Damage or Abnormal Wear
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How To Check Tyre Tread Depth
It is important to remember to check your tyre tread depths. Depending on a number of factors, you may or may not be entirely familiar with the term ‘tyre tread’. If you are unsure how to check your tyre tread or how to check your tyre tread depth, this article should help.
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OR Book in for a FREE tyre check with one of our experts at your local Protyre centre to give yourself peace of mind and to keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

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