Best way of sorting the wheel alignment on my car

By Julia Freeman

If your car steering is beginning to drift, or your tyres are wearing unevenly you could have problems with alignment. Whether you notice these issues or not, if it’s been a while since the last alignment, check your user manual to see how often the manufacturers recommend this service.

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If you’re uncertain if your alignment is out then you can book into your local Protyre garage for a free alignment check by our tyre professionals.

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What is wheel alignment?

Alignment doesn’t refer to the wheels of your vehicle but to its suspension. Proper alignment ensures that your car handles well and responds in an emergency. Regular alignment checks can help to catch small issues that can turn into big problems. You’ll also be protecting the safety of your vehicle and saving yourself the expense of replacing prematurely worn tyres.
You should aim to have the alignment checked every 6,000 miles. You’ll notice the difference in your car’s performance and your wallet.

What causes alignment issues?

Everything from wear and tear on your suspension to hitting a pothole can cause a car’s alignment to shift. The most common causes are:

  • The impact of hitting a pothole or kerb

  • Worn suspension springs

  • Modifications to your car without modifying the suspension

How do I know if my tracking is off?

Spotting whether your tracking is out of alignment isn’t hard to do. There are several telltale signs that mean you should book in for an alignment check as soon as possible.

Check your steering

Does your car pull to the left or right? Does the steering wheel shake or not sit straight when you’re driving? These are signs that your tracking needs checking.

Check your tyres

Do your tyres show signs of uneven wear? Are the outer edges of the tyre wearing faster than the inner? Your tracking could be out of alignment and in need of a factory reset.

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Tracking: safety and performance

So why exactly is tracking so important to your car? When the alignment is correct, you’ll ensure optimum driveability for your vehicle which will mean that it will handle correctly in all weather conditions. Your car will run more smoothly and safely, and the rolling resistance of your tyres will be lower when the wheels are correctly aligned. This saves you money every time you top up the tank by improving fuel efficiency.

How do I sort the wheel alignment on my car?

Every car is manufactured with precise pre-set angles to the toe, camber, and caster. You can’t perform a full realignment at home unless you have a tracking machine that can restore the original factory configuration. That’s why we recommend you book into your local Protyre garage for a free alignment check to ensure that your wheels are in the optimum position.

Protyre: the tyre experts

At Protyre, we’re your local tyre experts. If you need a new set of tyres from premium brands such as Pirelli or affordable mid-range tyres from Falken, our qualified fitters are here to help. You can find your tyres online with our user-friendly search engine. Or book into your Protyre garage for a free tyre check and we’ll give your tyres a comprehensive once over so you can drive with complete confidence.

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