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By David Sholicar

Punctures have been a hazard of motoring ever since pneumatic tyres were first used on cars in the 1890s.

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Today’s tyres are much more resilient than those early types, but can still suffer from punctures from road debris.
As many modern cars no longer come equipped with a spare wheel, it’s important to get punctures attended to as soon as you can. Leaving one unattended can lead to the risk of a high speed blowout and a serious accident.

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In the event that your tyre can’t be repaired, Protyre garages stock a range of new tyres, in sizes to suit all vehicles and at prices to suit most pockets. This means that even if you do need to replace your tyre, we can get you back on the road without placing a strain on your wallet.

Signs that you have a puncture include that you may be having to put air in the tyre more often, or that the sidewall looks squashed. You may notice a difference in the car’s handling, though in modern cars with power steering’ any change can be quite hard to detect. Many newer cars - built since about 2012 - have a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), which will warn you of low pressure.

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If your car has a spare wheel, remember that this is only intended as a temporary fix to get you to a garage, and you shouldn’t drive the car for long distances after using it. Get it to a garage as soon as possible to have it inspected.
If you do have a spare wheel, check to see whether it’s full sized or just a space saver type. Space savers usually have a speed restriction and maybe a limited mileage too, so again they should only be used as a temporary measure to get you to a garage.
Not all punctures can be repaired, of course. A car tyre puncture repair can be carried out if it’s in the main area of the tread. Punctures or damage in the sidewall will mean that you’ll have to replace the tyre. Other reasons why a repair may not be possible include if the tread is too worn or has separated, or it has been damaged by fluid or grease. If your car has runflat tyres, these can sometimes be repaired, but need to be inspected for sidewall damage that may have been caused by running deflated.
When a car tyre puncture repair is carried out, it must be done in accordance with BS AU 159, using a special plug of vulcanised rubber. More than one repair can be carried out on the same tyre, provided that they don’t overlap.

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If you need a car tyre puncture repair, Protyre has more than 100 garages across the UK, all of which are able to carry out the work. Before carrying out a repair, our technicians will check for any other damage or deterioration to the tyre, to ensure that the repair can be completed safely.

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