What mileage do you get on your motorcycle tyres?

By Julia Freeman

Whether you are a newly qualified motorcyclist or an experienced rider, you will want to invest in the best tyres possible for your motorcycle. Good motorcycle tyres are integral to your machine and getting the most out of them is important, especially when it comes to safety and mileage. But just how many miles can you expect to get from them?

Motorcycle Tyre Mileage

In our experience, it really depends on a few factors and how they can affect the mileage from your tyres. Here are the main points to consider:

Riding style

Your riding style will affect the mileage you can expect from your tyres. If you regularly ride at high speeds, the wear and tear on the tyres will degrade them much more quickly than riding at a lower, more economical speed. If you combine this with harsh acceleration and coarse braking, the mileage you get from your tyres will be a lot lower, compared with tyres that have had smooth acceleration and earlier, softer braking. It’s also important to bear this in mind when cornering on your motorcycle.

Tyre compound

Made of a dual compound, motorcycle tyres have a hard centre and soft outer rim for cornering. They are generally a lot softer than car tyres, so this makes them instantly more susceptible to degradation and misshaping. Infrequent use of the tyres can also lead them to perish due to their softer nature.

Which brand?

There are many brands to choose from when it comes to motorcycle tyres, yet our years of experience tell us that good quality tyres are built for performance for whatever type of bike you ride. Whether they are tyres by Bridgestone or Pirelli, different models from different brands will give you slightly different mileage. It’s always best to check and compare what tyre is best for you. You can do this by using our motorcycle tyre checker tool.

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How can I ensure the best mileage from my tyres?

In order to ensure your tyres are giving you the optimum mileage and safety, it’s best to check their condition each time before you ride. Any bulges or gouges means the tyre needs replacing. Checking the tread depth is essential too, by checking the depth with a gauge and visual observation around the whole surface of the tyre.
By considering all of these factors and adapting your riding style if necessary, your motorcycle tyres could provide you with a mileage of between 4,500 and 6,000 before you will need to replace them. It really is down to the way you ride, how often you ride and the type or brand of tyre you choose.

Talk to the experts

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What is the average lifespan of motorbike tyres?
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How many miles does a motorcycle tyre last?
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