Tyres Explained, Extending The Life Of Your Tyres

By David Sholicar

Tyres are important but they aren’t cheap. Whilst you can’t put a price on your own safety or that of your passengers, you can make regular checks which can elongate the life of your tyres and in turn save you money.

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Protyre's top 5 tips for elongating the life of your tyres

Tip 1: Check Your Tyre Pressure Weekly

If you have a tyre pressure gauge at home you can do this there, if not most petrol stations and all garages have them.

To check your tyre pressure:

  • Find out from your manual what the tyre pressure is for your vehicle.

  • Unscrew the cap on your tyre and attach the gauge. Note the reading.

  • If the pressure is too low, pump them up until the pressure is correct. If it is too high, release some pressure. Tyres which are over inflated can cause more extensive wear in the centre of the tyre causing them to need to be replaced sooner

  • Replace the cap.

  • All your tyres should be evenly inflated.

Protyre offer Free Tyre Checks to all of our customers, which includes examining your tyre pressure and tread depth. Click the button below to take advantage of this check

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Tip 2: Look For Cuts & Cracks

As we all know our roads are covered in all kinds of debris. This debris can cause small holes and cuts in your tyre which in turn can lead to slow punctures or a drop in pressure. The easiest way to check for any damaged caused by debris, is simply to look. Keep an eye out for glass or nails in particular.

If you do find any small holes it is possible to patch them up. However if you think the damage is too significant then check with an expert as the tyre may need to be replaced.

Tip 3: Rotate Your Tyres

A great tip for extending the life of your tyres is to rotate them every 6000 miles. This is a job you can do yourself or that we can do for you.

If you are going to attempt to rotate them yourself remember to use a reliable jack and position your car on a flat surface. Also only rotate the wheels on the same side of the car. E.g. Exchange the front left for the back right.

Tip 4: Ensure Your Tyres Are Aligned

This is a task for the professionals I am afraid. To elongate the life of your tyres it is advisable to have your tyre alignment regularly checked.  The mechanic carrying out the checks will use special equipment to check balance and alignment as well as whether the tyres are both perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other.

Misalignment can be caused by poor driving, crooked steering or if you hit a pot hole too fast.

If you incorporate all these tips in to your regular vehicle maintenance checks then you should be able to successfully elongate their life span. Keeping you safe and saving you money.

As always if you have any concerns about carrying out these check, then please consult a professional. Protyre offer Wheel Alignment services at many of our fast-fit garages.

We also offer a number of helpful Free Vehicle Checks that are well worth taking advantage of to receive expert advice on any probelms that may need addressing as you 'clock-up' the miles on your vehicle.

Click the button below to view all of our garage services, includign our Free Checks and book your vehicle in today to get peace-of-mind.

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Tip 5: Part Worn Tyres are dangerous - Buy New Tyres from a Trustworthy Source

Following research in 2012 by Auto Express, they discovered hidden problems of part worn tyres where they had often been damaged in collisions or in scrapes with curbs and pot holes. Damage of this nature can severely compromise the structure of a tyre and making it more liable to rapid deflation.

If you are tempted to purchase part worn tyres please follow these helpful tips:

  • Check tyre has been marked part worn

  • Check tyre has a vulcanised strip on it confirming it is part worn

  • Ask if tyre has been checked for structural damage or past repairs

  • Check if a new tyre would be a more economical

  • Use a recognised and reputable dealer

  • Still not sure about a part worn tyre? Ask your local trading standards

With 1000's of tyres available to choose from and exclusive online offers from well respected manufacturers, look no futher than Protyre!

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