How do I check my tyre pressure?

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is an important factor in both the safety and longevity of tyres. Over or under inflation could adversely affect the vehicle handling and the tyre’s performance and durability.

Additionally keeping your tyres at the correct pressure and using energy efficient tyres reduces your engines workload. This means you’ll save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions too!

Make sure of the correct tyre pressures by referring to the vehicle manufacturer’s handbook.

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Check tyre pressures monthly and before any long trip. The tyres should be checked when cold, as they heat up as you drive causing a slight increase in pressure. Don’t forget to check the spare tyre.

If you intend to tow with the vehicle, e.g. a trailer or caravan, always consult the vehicle handbook or a tyre specialist for suggestions as increased pressures may be required. Remember your trailer or caravan will also need its tyres checked. Regular Vehicle Maintenance can be the difference between a great journey and a terrible one.

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Note: Ask about inflating your tyres with Nitrogen.  

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