Tyre Care, Tread Depth Inspection

Are your tyres legal? When should you change them?

Always ensure your tyres conform to the UK minimum legal tread depth i.e. 1.6mm

This means that your tyres should have at least 1.6mm of tread left across the central three quarters of the tyre tread breadth and around the entire circumference of the tyre.

Various types of tread depth indicator devices can be purchased from car product specialists. These can be dipped into the tyre tread to measure the depth in millimeters. 

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If you are still having trouble, consult a vehicle maintenance expert. Members of our team are on hand at each of our Tyre Centres.

Note: If you are taking your vehicle abroad legal tread depth may vary, you should consult your tyre specialist or a reputable source.

For further information please visit our tyre safe section.


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In addition, most car tyres now have tread wear indicators set into the tread grooves, which show when the tyre is worn to 1.6mm of remaining tread. When these indicators become level with the tread surface your tyres should be changed immediately.

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