The Importance of Winter Tyres

By Mariana Saenzpardo

Those who travel to Europe in Winter for skiing and winter snow trips will already know the advantages of winter tyres and the rules in many European countries where they are a legal requirement. (for a list of countries where winter tyres are a requirement click here).

Erratic weather means that preparing your vehicle for winter is more important whether it is checking that your lights, battery and wipers are working correctly or topping up anti-freeze and screen wash - winter tyres are part of the armoury for a safe drive.

What is Different About Winter Tyres?

There are two essential differences with winter tyres over summer:

The materials they are made of – winter tyres contain larger quantities of silica and a softer rubber, which helps to make them more flexible in the cold. A summer tyre will become harder in temperatures below 7◦C this makes them less effective. Because of the high level of silica in Winter tyre they will be more flexible in cold weather. The softer rubber compound will also make the car more responsive in icy conditions and on icy roads.

Winter tyres also have more pattern on them allowing them to grip the road – if you have ever rolled a snow ball you will know that snow sticks to snow and the additional grooves in a tyre allow the snow to get embedded and then stick to the road better.

Tests show the stopping distance for tyres on icy roads

Summer tyres are designed to provide greater grip on the road and to move water – this is doen by increasing the amount of tread that touches the road surface at any one time.

Of course there are disadvantages to winter tyres in the summer – they will wear far more quickly than summer or all season tyres in the warmer summer months – and the added grip you receive from a winter tyre will mean that the tyre is also slightly less fuel efficient- its worth consulting the tyre label information that all tyres now come with

Key Manufacturers

All of the recognised tyre manufacturers, Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear, Continental and Dunlop produce winter tyres. Most have individual brand names – we have put together a brief list of key information to help


When buying Pirelli Winter tyres you should look for either the Sottozero or Scorpion tread patterns. These have been designed  to equip drivers with a balance of ride comfort and performance and avoiding the risks associated with winter roads. Pirelli Winter tyres are the ideal choice for premium cars, Sports cars and SUV’s.

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The Blizzak range brings together new innovations in tread and materials technology to deliver the safety and performance you need in today’s increasingly diverse and unpredictable conditions. So you can hit the road with total confidence in all winter conditions: from sunny to snowy and everything in between. Engineered with your safety in mind

Weather Control A001 All-weather, silica-reinforced tyre offering superb durability, confident handling and braking response on dry, wet and even frozen roads. For confident, all-year-round performance.

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The WinterSport 4D provides excellent grip, handling and braking in  winter driving conditions .The Low Weight Construction ensures low Rolling Resistance performance improving  fuel consumption. Superb winter handling and grip for high performance cars.

The advanced 4D Sipe system means that the WinterSport 4D gives better cornering in both wet and dry conditions, superior grip in the snow and acts well at higher speeds. The tyre also offers very good resistance to tyre wear.

Two key technological advances include the V shaped grooves and deeper snow notches which improve performance in snowy conditions. The tyre also includes functionalised polymers which provide excellent performance in wet or icy conditions.

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The  UltraGrip is designed for 4x4 drivers – who are looking for all round winter driving performance. It can also be used for off-road driving due to the block construction of the tyre shoulder.

Using Goodyear's 3D-BIS technology, the UltraGrip  uses interlocking blades to create gripping edges that give strong traction in all winter weather conditions.

The Ultra Grip 9 also includes a tread wear indicator and hydrodynamic grooves to actively resist aquaplanning

Off-road driving is also possible with the UltraGrip + SUV tyre thanks to a sturdy shoulder block construction which can quickly disperse mud and snow from the tyre.

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We Can Help You Choose The Right Tyre

Tyres are essential for keeping your car safe and performing at its best, but with so many options out there, it can be tough to know where to start. That's where our informative articles come in – we're here to help you navigate the world of tyres and make the best choice for your specific needs.

Whether you're considering upgrading to Premium car tyres for enhanced driving dynamics, run flat car tyres for added peace of mind, or trying to decide between summer car tyres and winter car tyres, Protyre can help. Our articles have got you covered with a wide range of tyre-related topics to help you make informed decisions.

The brand you choose matters too. We offer recommendations for trusted names such as BF Goodrich tyres, Bridgestone tyres, Continental tyres, Dunlop tyres, Falken tyres, General tyres, Goodyear tyres, GT Radial tyres , Hankook tyres, Michelin tyres, Pirelli tyres, Runway tyres, Sumitomo tyres, and Toyo tyres. But our articles don't just focus on choosing the right tyres – we also offer practical advice for maintaining them. From simple tips like checking your tread depth and keeping your tyres inflated to the proper pressure, to more advanced topics like extending tyre life through regular rotation and balancing - we've got you covered! Dive in and discover everything you need to know to keep your car running smoothly and safely with Protyre.

Getting your vehicle fitted with high-quality winter tyres is crucial for safe winter driving. Visit our shop today to find the perfect winter tires for your make and model. Our technicians will expertly install your new tires, ensuring optimal performance and safety this winter season. Trust us for professional winter tyre fittings that maximize traction on snow and ice.

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