Mobile tyres: keeping you moving during the crisis

By Julia Freeman

In these uncertain times, with the majority of us shut away in our homes, we rely on our cars more than ever to make the journeys that matter. This is true of most of the population, who need to be able to visit shops, attend medical appointments, or help others in their time of need. But it’s even more essential for those key workers who are battling on to help the rest of us through it all.

Tyre van on the road

Years of experience tell us that vehicle tyres have a very definite life span. Punctures never happen at a convenient time, while badly worn tyres and damaged sidewalls compromise the safety of you, your passengers, and other road users.

Mobile tyres to the rescue

The majority of tyre centres are closed for business during the current crisis, and social distancing rules mean that people are reluctant to venture out, apart from essential journeys. But here at Protyre, we’ve still got you covered. Our tyre professionals are adapting to the changing situation, as are we all, but thanks to mobile tyres, we can still help you out in your time of need and get you back on the road again.

The local garage you can trust

Here at Protyre, we’ve built a reputation for being the local garage you can trust and that’s never been so important as it is right now. So, as you might expect, we’ve really gone that extra mile to make sure that all our customers receive a prompt and effective service from us.
We’ll come to your home or your place of work – or even to the roadside if you experience a serious tyre problem – and we’ll quickly and efficiently fit your new tyres or repair your old ones if possible. The whole job will be done whilst observing all social distancing rules, so that you, and our tyre professionals, are kept completely safe.

What you'll need ready

All we ask is that you have your locking wheel nut key ready for us when we arrive! Then we’ll get on with the job in hand, ensuring that you can get back on the road again and on your way safe in the knowledge that your vehicle tyres are safe and fit for purpose.

Choosing your new tyres

We’ll always try to repair your current tyres wherever possible, however worn treads and certain punctures will require new ones to be fitted. If you need one or more new tyres, we can offer you a huge choice, including top brands such as Pirelli and Bridgestone. But we also have mid-range and budget options too.

Book with Protyre

Use our handy website tool to find out which tyres are suitable for your vehicle. You can input your registration number to be presented with suitable options. Or you can tell us the tyre code printed on the sidewall of your current tyres (you can also find this information in your vehicle handbook) and we will find the right tyres for you. Alternatively, just give us call because our friendly and helpful tyre professionals are always on hand to provide help and advice.

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By Julia Freeman
Julia is Head of Retail Marketing for Protyre and loves engaging with customers and the business as a whole to make sure Protyre is more than just a local garage.
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