Is it possible to have tyres fitted at home during the COVID-19 lockdown?

By Julia Freeman

One notable thing about the lockdown is how differently we are affected. While some go mad with boredom, others are overrun with work. When many can’t travel, others must travel more. The world would be in a bigger mess if transportation, delivery services, and key workers couldn’t keep moving.

Protyre is one of the services keeping all the others going. Our tyre supplies, fitters and mechanics are still at everyone’s disposal. That includes providing the services needed to keep all our vehicles safe on the roads. In fact, if you are no longer using your vehicle on a daily basis, this is the ideal time to get your tyres replaced or have a full service.

Larger Protyre garages are open

To protect the public and our own workforce, some smaller garages may temporarily close. In each case, we will endeavour to ensure that when one centre closes, there is another nearby remaining open.
In the current lockdown, you should not have to drive around trying to find an open garage. Fortunately, the problem is solved by using our website’s online garage locator.

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Having tyres fitted at home

Most of our garages are offering a car collection and re-delivery service. Alternatively, in many areas, you can have new tyres fitted by a mobile fitting crew. These teams use vans specially kitted out to provide this service and driven by our tyre professionals. Use our online contact form to check availability and suitable time slots.
Tyre stocks at Protyre garages are always good, so if you’re having tyres fitted at home, you still have a free choice from the huge range of tyres supplied by quality brands such as Bridgestone, Pirelli and Michelin. Identify the tyres you want on our website so that our crews know which to bring.

International tyre supplies

Although there are no immediate shortages, some suppliers have been hit harder than others. Pirelli is based in Italy and scaled back at one factory after cases of COVID-19 in the workforce. However, supplies remain good.
Bridgestone temporarily closed North American and Latin American manufacturing plants in March but says that it has plenty of warehoused stock available. Goodyear closed a plant in Goodsen Alabama permanently but also says that remaining supplies are adequate.
We do not anticipate any tyre shortages, but it is still a very good time to shop for new.

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Extra precautions

At every open Protyre garage, hygiene is a top priority. Every centre is deep cleaned daily, staff are taking extra precautions, and everyone is supplied with protective gloves and seat covers. We ask visitors to remember the two metres social distancing rule and to make contactless payment if possible. We are also making it easier for callers to queue inside their cars.

Protyre remain open and here to help

Despite these inconveniences, our qualified fitters are still providing top-notch service. We thank all of them for soldiering on and all our customers for their patience in these testing times.
On or off the roads, our top priority is the health and safety of staff and customers, so although we have cut back in some areas, we will continue to provide national tyre and repair services throughout these critical weeks.

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