Hunter wheel alignment – what is it?

By Julia Freeman

Wheel alignment is a somewhat confusing term since it’s actually an issue related to the suspension and not the wheels themselves. If the suspension is damaged/disrupted, some elements can be knocked off-balance and the wheels may then sit at improper angles.

wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is a way of setting the wheels straight again and thus avoiding further problems with handling, tyre wear, and so forth.

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Hunter wheel alignment equipment

Hunter wheel alignment equipment is well-known and well-respected across the industry. It is used by hundreds of garages, including Protyre garages, and has a vast database consisting of specifications for 1000s of different vehicles. It also has a friendly interface and can provide the vehicle owner with a clear before and after report showing exactly what has been adjusted during the realignment process.
Instead of relying upon manual measurement and adjustment, the Hunter system uses imaging sensors to measure 14 key alignment angles. These include the Caster, Thrust Line, Camber, Toe Out, and Toe In. These readings are then compared against the specifications provided by the vehicle manufacturer and adjusted as needed to make sure that the alignment is correct for that particular vehicle.

Common problems caused by incorrect wheel alignment

Increased tyre wear

Misaligned wheels can, unsurprisingly, result in accelerated tyre wear. The most common misalignment that causes this is excessive toe which results in uneven wear across the tyre. Additionally, too much negative camber may also make the inner edges of the tyres wear out faster. 

Reduced performance

If wheel alignment is incorrect, this could affect the contact patch between the tyres and the road. This can then compromise performance in-terms of braking and cornering. Optimal performance requires the maximum contact patch. Additionally, if front wheels are not parallel to one another, extra effort is needed to push the tyres across the road. This is also the case if the toe in/toe out alignment is off.

Pulling to one side

If the front wheels are pointing in different directions, the vehicle will try to pull to one side. This is because whilst one wheel is in the dead-ahead position, the other is trying to turn a corner.

Increased fuel consumption

Misaligned wheels require extra effort to turn, so it is a natural result that more fuel will be needed. Correctly aligned wheels ensure no power is wasted and that fuel economy is preserved.


If the alignment is considerable out, the vehicle can feel very nervous and twitchy to drive, especially at higher speeds. Ensuring that your wheels are aligned correctly can give you a more stable car, reduced tyre wear, and improved fuel economy.

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