How many miles does a motorcycle tyre last?

By Julia Freeman

Motorcycle tyre lifespan depends on a range of variables, but as a general rule you can expect around 3,700 miles of service from the front tyre and roughly 1,800 from the rear. Those figures are very generalised, though, and years of experience tell us that tyre longevity is influenced by a variety of different factors, not least the quality of the tyre itself.

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Premium vs economy

Michelin motorcycle tyres, for example, or tyres from other respected manufactures such as Pirelli and Bridgestone, will consistently outperform budget models. We always recommend selecting tyres carefully and while it can be tempting to purchase cheaper models, this often results in a higher cost in the long run. Economy tyres are usually more susceptible to wear, which can lead to poor handling and even impaired braking.

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Road surface

Michelin motorcycle tyres are an excellent choice for riders with an eye on tyre longevity, as are Pirelli and Dunlop. The type of road surface, and the amount of time spent riding on it, play a major role too. If you spend long periods driving on poorly maintained or uneven roads, your tyres will inevitably wear down more quickly.
Riding over rough or damaged surfaces can also have a detrimental effect on your tyres, causing damage such as cuts and punctures. High quality tyres can negate some of these problems, but even the best tyres aren’t immune to rough surfaces and will eventually need to be replaced due to wear or damage.

Motorcycle load

Load is also a factor in tyre lifespan. If you regularly use your motorcycle to carry a passenger or a heavy object, that puts more pressure on the tyres which, in turn, exposes them to increased wear and shortens their lifespan. Ensuring that your wheels are balanced correctly will help, as will careful steering, braking and acceleration.

Stress on the tyre

Riders who accelerate and brake aggressively put increased stress on their tyres, which will cause them to wear more quickly in the longer term. Even how a motorcycle is stored can have an effect. Leaving your bike outside for long periods, where it's exposed to more extreme temperature fluctuations, can warp and deform even the highest quality tyres.

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Maintenance is key

Regardless of the type of motorcycle tyre you choose, regular maintenance and checks remain vital. Our tyre professionals recommend checking your tyres once a week. Look for tell-tale signs of wear such as cracks, but also measure the tread and be especially conscious of uneven wear, which can have a detrimental effect on handling.
Be sure to check the tyre pressures too and consult your vehicle handbook to ensure that tyres are at the correct pressure for the conditions. High-quality models such as Michelin motorcycle tyres will undoubtedly last longer than economy options, but regular maintenance can still prolong the lifespan of any tyre.

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Inevitably, though, there will come a time when your tyres require examination by a professional or to be replaced. When this becomes necessary, our qualified fitters are here to help. If you’re concerned that your motorcycle tyres are starting to lose their grip in the wet or that they aren't handling correctly, you can book a free tyre check online. Alternatively, give us a call or drop into one of our nationwide garages.

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