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By David Sholicar

Our tyre professionals here at Protyre know how important it is to choose the right wheels, tyres and accessories for your car. Many people decide that alloy wheels are an essential upgrade for their vehicle as they improve the aesthetic appearance of your car and have the added bonus of being lighter than a standard steel wheel, which can improve the performance of your car in many ways. We stock a wide collection of alloys from many different brands so read on to discover which alloy wheel types are right for you, explore our range and see how we can help you at Protyre.

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What are alloy wheels?

Alloy wheels are usually made from an alloy of magnesium or aluminium and they are lighter than the steel wheels that come fitted as standard on many cars. The advantage of having a lighter wheel is that it can improve the handling of the car, improve acceleration and reduce fuel consumption. This can also reduce the strain on your suspension when you brake or steer your vehicle. Many people choose alloy wheels purely on their appearance alone; alloys come in many different designs and colours that can make your car look smarter and more appealing. Aluminium is also less likely to rust, corrode or be affected by dust, so the alloys will stay looking smarter and last for longer than a comparable steel wheel.

Disadvantages of an Alloy Wheel

Years of experience tell us that the main problem with alloys is their lack of strength and durability. If you drive over a pothole or a very rough road, alloy wheels can run the risk of being damaged by cracking or bending far more easily than steel wheels. Even though they look smarter, they are also prone to getting spoilt cosmetically by kerbing, small bumps or just general driving, especially if you live in the countryside rather than a town or city.


Our range of alloy wheels at Protyre

Even though most new cars come with alloys as standard, you might want to change to a different wheel that appeals to your taste or style. At Protyre, we stock a wide range of alloy wheel types by AEZ, Calibre, Dezent and Dotz.

AEZ - This German company was founded in the 1990s and is a very popular name in alloy design and production. They produce over a million wheels annually and they are well known for their unique designs, superb quality and excellent customer service. In our range at Protyre, we have the AEZ Crest Dark alloy, which is a high-performance wheel that comes in a stylish black with a polished lip. We also stock the AEZ Antigua alloy wheel, which comes in both high gloss and dark matt black and is exclusively designed for BMW vehicles. All the AEZ alloy wheels are TUV approved, come in a variety of sizes to suit most vehicles and have 3 years warranty as standard.

Calibre - Designing alloy wheels in the Uk since 2009, Calibre creates a wide range of alloy designs covering the modern and contemporary to the vintage and classic. They pride themselves on offering high-quality designs with affordable prices suitable for any budget. An example of this is the Altus alloy which comes in either matt black or silver with 10 concave Y spokes that give the wheel a strong but striking aesthetic.

Dezent - They have been producing alloys in Europe for the last 30 years and currently have 32 designs to choose from. Dezent benefits from being suitable for durable, all-year use, so are great for the winter and the summer. As with AEZ, they are manufactured in Germany and are fully TUV-approved.

Dotz - Dotz alloy wheels are designed for style and speed and their high-quality alloys are sure to impress. Fully tested for their durability, these alloys will look great on your car and have great longevity and durability. In the Dotz range, there are wheels with fashionable colour detailing and alloys that are designed for the robust life of a 4x4 vehicle.


What to do next?

If you're looking to update your alloys, please contact our qualified fitters via the contact form on our website so we can assess your wheel needs and requirements. Alongside our range of alloy wheel types, we also stock and fit a wide range of high-quality tyres from Pirelli, Falken, Sumitomo and Bridgestone amongst other well-known names. Protyre is a name you can trust when selecting tyres or alloys for your vehicle so why not get in touch today.

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