The effects your driving manner has on your tyres

By David Sholicar

Although regular serving should help to identify issues before they become problematic, it is also worth examining whether your driving style is affecting the roadworthiness and longevity of your tyres.

Driving effects tyres

No one wants to buy tyres more frequently than is strictly necessary. Although regular serving should help to identify issues before they become problematic, it is also worth examining whether your driving style is affecting the roadworthiness and longevity of your tyres.

The first thing to consider is your tyre pressure. Maintaining the correct pressure - usually that recommended by the manufacturer for speed and load conditions - will help to ensure minimal tyre wear. The second thing to remember is the importance of smooth and careful acceleration and braking. Stamping down on the brakes, flooring the accelerator suddenly or violently cornering the car may all affect the rubber on the tyre treads. Do any of these things frequently enough and your tyres may develop worn, flat patches.

Tyre wear is more significant at higher speeds; however, motorway journeys are less likely to be problematic provided you can maintain a cruising speed rather than repeatedly accelerating and braking.

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Not all tyre problems result from driving style. Extreme weather conditions can exacerbate tyre wear, as can poorly maintained road surfaces. While none of us can control the weather and our influence over our local council's road maintenance programme may be limited, we can learn to alter our driving style in line with the road conditions. Extreme heat and cold are both often problematic; however, wet roads may result in less wear due to the excess water cooling the tyre and reducing friction between the road and the tyre treads.

If you find your tyres are wearing unevenly, the simplest potential cause of the problem is insufficient inflation; alternatively, your braking, suspension or steering systems may be to blame. These can be dangerous and require professional intervention as soon as possible.

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