How To prepare your car for Winter weather

By Adam White

None of us likes the thought of breaking down in bad weather. Luckily there are some really simple steps you can take to winterise your vehicle and make sure it’s up to the job of facing icy roads day in day out.

Winter weather


The RAC has come up with a quick 6 point check to get your car ready for driving in winter weather. FORCES stands for:

  • Fuel: always check you have enough for your journey

  • Oil: check your dipstick and top up if necessary

  • Rubber: check tyres and wiper blades for any signs of wear or damage

  • Coolant: check levels and top up if necessary

  • Electrics: check bulbs and battery

  • Screen wash: make sure you top up with screenwash that’s effective to -15°C

Winter maintenance checks

Ideally, you will undertake maintenance checks all year round so winter shouldn’t be any different. But if bad weather is on the way it pays to check the following:

Car battery

Cold weather can kill a car battery so make sure yours is charged up. If it’s struggling when you turn over the engine then you may need a replacement. It also pays to carry a set of jump leads in winter weather.

Exterior lights

The build-up of grit and salt can reduce the effectiveness of your lights, so keep them clean. Replace any dead bulbs and always carry a spare set with you.

Get your car serviced

Consider checking in for an interim service at Protyre so you can drive with peace of mind. You can also book in for a free winter car check to make sure your anti-freeze and screen wash are topped up.

Carry an emergency kit

This might seem a little extreme, but if you do break down you’ll be glad you packed a winter weather survival kit. This should include:

  • Hi-vis jacket

  • Warning triangle

  • First aid kit

  • Torch

  • Warm clothes (think lightweight layers)

  • Wellies

  • A shovel

  • A complete de-icing kit for your car including spray and scrapers

  • Tow rope

  • Snacks and something to drink

  • Mobile phone and charging kit for the car

  • Rubber car mats that can be wedged under the wheels for extra traction if you get caught in the snow!

Winterise your tyres

If you regularly drive either commuting or long distance in the winter, fitting your car with winter tyres can be a smart move. In our experience, they give exceptional grip in ice and snow and are better in the wet than summer tyres thanks to the softer compounds that don’t harden up when it’s freezing.
Opting for winter tyres requires some investment but we have a great range of brands at Protyre including Pirelli, Bridgestone, Falken and Sumitomo to suit every budget. And our prices include fitting by our tyre professionals so you can drive in the worst weather with complete peace of mind.

If you don’t opt for a set of winter tyres, book online for a Free Tyre Check. Our tyre professionals will give your tyres the once over, checking tyre tread and making sure they’re fit to drive.

Finally, don’t forget to book your free winter car check so you know you’re good to go when the temperature drops!

Free Safety Check

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