How to make your tyres last longer

By Adam White

When it comes to your car, its tyres are one of the most important components. And while they might not last forever, there are a number of different things that you can do to make them last that little bit longer.

Tyres last longer

Check their pressure

This is something that should be done regularly, around every month or so. Underinflated tyres that operate for long periods at low pressure will suffer damage to the sidewalls and will need replacing far more quickly, in addition to increasing your car’s fuel consumption. Make sure that you inflate your car’s tyres according to the manufacturer's recommendations. You’ll normally find this information in the owner's manual. Just as importantly, make sure that your tyres aren’t overinflated as this can lead to uneven wear and result in poor traction.

Align your wheels

Check every 5000 to 10000 miles that your wheels are correctly aligned so that they make the correct contact with the road at all times. Wheels that are not aligned correctly can lead to increased fuel consumption, in addition to uneven wear of the tyre tread which can result in difficult steering. Some suggest that you should align your wheels every second oil change.

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Rotate your tyres

Related to alignment, you should rotate your tyres whether you see signs of wear or not. Every 5000 to 1000 miles you should consider rotating them regardless of your driving habits. As both front and rear tyres function in different ways, rotating them is the best way to even out their wear maximising the length of time they will last. It's important to use professionals such as Protyre to handle rotation as there are other considerations, particularly with modern, directional tyres.

Avoid the kerb

The kerb is a tyre's worst enemy and should be avoided at all costs, especially if you’re driving at speed. Every time a car hits the kerb it damages the tyres and greatly increases the chances of a fracture in the sidewall of the tyre, creating the potential for a lethal blow-out.

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Avoid other hazards to tyres

Whilst the kerb is clearly to be avoided, there are other hazards that you should quite literally steer clear of as well. Potholes, speed bumps, braking too fast and driving fast on damaged roads will all increase the wear and tear on your tyres.
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