How to make sure you buy the tyres best suited to your vehicle

By Mariana Saenzpardo

Any car enthusiast will know that not all tyres are created equal. However, the quality of tyres is an issue that should be of importance to anyone who drives, as the tyres on your car have a direct effect on safety in wet conditions, stability, the degree of comfort you have on the road, cornering and general road handling. A car with the wrong tyres will not only feel lacklustre to drive, but its safety could be compromised.

Tyres best suited to your vehicle

The first thing to do is to establish what size tyres you need. Your car manual should explain how wide the tyres should be, and the tyres themselves will be labelled with a number of measurements relating to the diameter of the wheel rim and the maximum load the tyre can support. The aspect ratio, or the tyre's profile, is a measurement given as a percentage, to indicate the width of the tyre in relation to its height. In general, a tyre with a low profile, that is short sidewalls to width, delivers good handling and a firm ride, but it can be pricier and more noisy than tyres with aspect ratios that are higher.

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The quality of the tyre is also important. Tyres that are sold in the UK must meet rigorous safety requirements, but better tyres last longer and generally perform better on the road. The best quality, or premium tyres, benefit from superior construction methods, the finest materials and hefty investment in design, technology and research, to ensure these tyres will last longer, stop faster, save fuel and ensure a smooth, quiet and safe driving experience.

How the tyres wear is critical, and this should be examined at car servicing intervals to ensure there is plenty of tread to pass the car's annual MOT. If you are asking yourself 'when should my car be serviced?', it will depend on the vehicle and the conditions it is driven under. However, once your car reaches three years of age, it must pass an annual MOT.

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Book MOT

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