How to maintain your tyres for potential longevity performance

By David Sholicar

Tyres don't always last as long as they should. There are a few simple things, however, that vehicle owners can do to get more value and better performance from their tyres.

Tyre longevity

Regular car servicing intervals should be part of your car care routine to make sure any problems are identified and addressed. At Protyre, getting a car serviced is as easy as 1,2,3 with our Gold, Silver and Bronze service plans. Our 3 service plans offer you an easy way to choose what service is right for you and our skilled technicians will take great care of you and your vehicle.

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One reason for tyres not lasting is uneven or excessive tread wear. Not only will this cost you money, but it could become a safety hazard, as bald patches on tyres could lead to skidding or even a blowout. Tyre tread is also evaluated during an MOT, and if it is insufficient, MOT retests will be required.

Tyre pressure is also important. Many motorists forget to maintain the correct pressure in their tyres, which is generally different for front and rear tyres. The pressure, which is generally measured in PSI or pounds per square inch, may also need modification when the loads vary between, say, one adult and an entire family. In service stations the tyre pressure is often not accurate, so can pay to have it checked professionally at regular car servicing intervals.

Rotating the tyres is another good habit to get into, as tyres at the front and rear are subject to different stresses, and even stresses on the two front tyres can differ depending on the driving style of the motorist as turning can affect wear patterns. Some tyres have directional treads which dictate which positions they occupy on the vehicle. Rotating tyres can be a big job to do at home, so this might be a job for the professionals, who can assess any trouble spots developing.

Some experts say tyres should be rotated every 5,000 miles on the clock, but this could be affected by your driving conditions and traffic. Tyre rotation could be a factor in deciding when should my car be serviced. Moving the tyres around should help to shift wear to different areas of the tyres and extend their life. 
At Protyre we have enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff who will take accurately assess your tyres and perform MOTs and free MOT retests.

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