How To Keep cool if your air conditioning breaks down

Air conditioning is invaluable when a heatwave hits. But if your car air con gives up the ghost, you could be in for a very hot and sticky summer. While it’s out of commission, here’s how to keep cool until you can get it fixed.

Air Con breaks down

Keeping cool

Fortunately, there are some quick fixes to keeping your car cool even when the air con is on the fritz. The most obvious is to keep your car out of the heat by parking in a garage or in the shade.
Using a metallic sunshade will help to deflect heat and sunlight so you don’t feel as though you’re getting into a sauna. You can also try covering the seats and steering wheel with a blanket to keep them as cool and comfortable as possible.

Quick fixes

Keeping cool on the move takes a little more ingenuity. Your car's fan is your friend when it comes to circulating cool air when you’re driving. Just turn the fan to max and crack the window just a little for best results.
Try tinting your windows to reduce the impact of direct sunlight. This can be an effective way to keep the interior cool but beware - there are legal requirements about tinted windows and visibility that will prevent you from using really dark tints and that might mean the impact is minimal.
If you want to keep it old school, try filling a cool box with bags of ice and letting the ventilation system do the rest. It’s an old fashioned method dating back to the USA in the 1950s but when the temperature is in the 90s, anything is worth a try.

Tyre impact

Whether you’re running on Bridgestone or Sumitomo tyres, our years of experience tell us that keeping them at the correct pressure is a smart way to maximise tyre life and reduce fuel consumption. But did you know that your tyres can also heat up your vehicle?
That’s because they conduct the heat and friction from the road. The softer they are, the more of the surface is in contact with the road and the hotter your tyres get. Plus the excess wear can leave your tyres more prone to a blow out which could have catastrophic consequences.

Check your Air Con

If you want to avoid an air con failure next summer, you need to check the system regularly, even when you don’t need it. Your system slowly loses 'charge' every year, making it less efficient.
There’s another good reason for blasting your air con every week beyond making sure you’re getting cool, icy air. If you don’t, bacteria and fungus can start to build up in the system causing some nasty odours and potential health problems.

Get ready for the Summer - book your car in for an Air Con Re-gas

If your air con hasn't been professionally checked, then why not visit your local Protyre garage? We can run a free air con check that ensures your system is operating at peak performance. We’ll check the gas and make sure that there are no leaks. We’ll even check refrigerant levels and book you in for an air con service to keep everything running smoothly.
Book your vehicle in now for Air Con Regas check at Protyre, the local garage you can trust.

Air Con Regas

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